Hug Max

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The HUG MAX profile handle has a timeless and modern brushed aluminium design that fits into all rooms of the home.

HUG MAX fits nicely in both kitchens and other furniture, such as wardrobes and sideboards.
The handle is screwed in from back, which means that it blends nicely in. HUG MAX also puts emphasis on its Scandinavian design regardless of the environment it is placed in and lifts the feeling in the room.

The handle has c/c 2×80, length 200 mm, depth 41 mm

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Hug Max handle

Are you looking for a quick change in an interior and don’t want to spend everything you have on a great renovation project? Then we have a great solution for you! Replace the existing handles with a new, fresh design. Noremax offers a wide range of handles to make sure that there is something for every interior and every person.

Hug Max furniture handle

The Hug Max handle is a contemporary and elegant furniture handles. The handle is installed from the back of the front to make sure that the final design will stay sleek and stylish. The Hug Max handle is available in seven finishes – antique bronze, brushed anthracite, brushed black, brushed copper, brushed brass, stainless steel and white. Such a wide range of finishes allows our client to find the handle that blends perfectly with the style and the colour of the rest of the interior.

The handle is ideal for drawers or doors that require more strength. However, the handle work just as well on other types of furniture, e.g., kitchen cabinets or wardrobe doors. It looks great on any piece of furniture. Hug Max will certainly give your kitchen, bathroom or living room a new and unique look. The minimalistic handle elevates the design of any room as Huge Max looks great in both traditional, retro and modern designs. So, if you’re looking for a change or are renovating a space, this furniture handle will be the perfect accessory.
With the design of all of our handles, we want to make you aware that we haven’t forgotten about quality or attention to details. All of our products are chosen to hold up against the expectations of our clients. The Hug Max handle is made of aluminum, which undoubtedly contributes to hygienic and practical use for many years.

You may have noticed that the Hug Max handle highly resembles another handle – Prince Max. However, the designs are quite different. The curvilinear corners makes the Hug Max handle feel softer and more delicate. Opening and closing the cabinets will be a pleasure due to the comfortable design and size of 200 mm length and 41 mm depth.

Why is Hug Max an excellent choice?

The primary reason why Hug Max is a great choice of a handle is, as already mentioned, its functionality and user-friendly design. Another great advantage is how easily installed it is. There is no need to hire a professional just because you want to change the appearance of the space. Thirdly, the handle is made of the most durable material, which makes this purchase hygienic and sustainable. Noremax has also put together a principle of care guide for customers to help you take care of the furniture, including handles, that we provide, to make it last even longer. Finally, our selection of products come at very affordable prices. Because Noremax want to ensure that every homeowner can afford to touch up a room whenever they need it.

If you have any questions about the Hug Max handle, feel free to get in touch with our friendly team at Noremax. If you have a problem with choosing the right handle, wondering whether it will match the interior design, please visit our blog. You will find a lot of inspiration, tips and trick here.

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