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JOKER is a black, industrial handle. Implement Joker on your wardrobe doors or for your kitchen fronts in combination with T-Spike.

Its ribbed surface creates excitement and playfulness.

The handle has c / c: 192 mm. Length 257 mm, width 10 mm, depth 35 mm.

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Joker Handle

If you are looking for a unique handle for your kitchen, bedroom or living room furniture, you’ve come to the right place. Handles are a design element that is often overlooked. It’s unfortunate because it is of great importance. The handle can make or break an entire spatial design. Our selection of products includes handles that will steal your heart and complete the interior design. So, if you are interested in functionality and high quality, use our elegant and industrial handle – Joker.

Industrial Joker handle

In recent years, black handles have become highly popular. Consequently, in our store, we offer a huge number of models of furniture handles available in this elegant and universal color. One of them is distinguished by modern design, Joker Handle. Made of the highest quality material and featuring a ribbed surface that further emphasizes the austerity of the industrial interior.
The joker handle works well with all types of interiors, and it will look great with both modern and classic furniture. It is a perfect solution for kitchen, bathroom and living room designs. By mounting it on the front, you will be able to open and close the furniture effortlessly.

If looks are what’s most important to you, choose our decorative handle. It is an ideal accessory that will match any modern or industrial interiors. Industrial decor has gained a truly luxurious elegance. Therefore, accessories in the shape of furniture handles, are a very important element to consider when decorating a space.

An important character of the handle to consider, is the dimensions. Especially when it comes to installation. The length of the handle is 257 mm, width is 10 mm and depth is 35 mm. However, the distance between the two mounting holes is 192 mm, so make sure that the handle will suit and look good on the chosen furniture.

The installation of this handle doesn’t require much hassle – it’s simple and straightforward. Apart from that, the handle is designed with maintenance ease and resistance to wear in mind. So, you can rest assure that you will be able to use this handle for many years to come.

Why choose our handle?

First of all, the handle has everything. Looks, functionality and a comfortable grip. Why shouldn’t you choose our handle? Secondly, the design certainly attracts attention with its gorgeous design. The handle will be appreciated by every household member and every guest for sure. Thirdly, at Noremax, we also design all of our products with attention to detail. That means that our products are refined in every aspect. Fourthly, our handles are made of durable materials, making sure that the product will last for many years to come. Finally, all of our products are available at affordable prices, to make sure that everyone can create the home of their dreams. What more can you ask for?

If you would like to know more, we are ready to answer all of your questions. Get in touch with us and we will not leave you uninformed.

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