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From the same series as the T shaped Helios and Batman handles, the Matrix is an industrial variant of the Gold handle. Available in two sleek finishes- matte black or antique bronze- with a knurled, industrial design, the Matrix handle is elegant with a rugged twist. The knurled finish toughens the knob up but it’s still very beautiful at the same time. This compact knob looks incredible against matte grey painted cupboards and drawers.

Dimensions: 25 mm in depth and 20 mm in diameter.

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Matrix Door Handle

Our matrix door handle is from the same series as the Batman and Helios handle. Available in both black matte and antique bronze, the matrix door handle comes with a knurled and industrial design for a stylish finish. Perfect for a modern property, the compact matrix door handle looks smart against grey painted drawers and cupboards. 25mm deep and 20mm in diameter, these are the ideal size for opening and closing doors and cupboards with ease, even if you have objects in your other hand. The durability of these handles ensures a long-lasting product that doesn’t require much maintenance to ensure that they keep their smart aesthetic. Despite the affordable price of each of our matrix handles, the high-quality material that the handle is made from isn’t compromised. Therefore, all homeowners can enjoy a sleek finish to their kitchen or décor without having to pay out a fortune. Properties can have matrix handles in a variety of rooms to maintain a consistent theme throughout the interior design.

Sleek Matrix Door Handle

Regardless of the interior design of your property, whether you have a metod kitchen or faktum kitchen space, the matrix door handle will fit seamlessly into any décor. These designs work well with the matrix door handle, as the colours complement one another. What’s more, the matrix door handle can be used in any room in your property, including the bathroom, living room, kitchen and bedroom. With a bold statement colour behind the door handle, the matrix door handle will stand out and will portray the full effect from the design.

Although this matrix door handle is easy to maintain, we have put together some principles of care to help you preserve the smart appearance. Simply use mild soap and water and let the metal elements dry thoroughly afterwards, as this will help your handle to avoid any rusting or discolouration. Over time the matrix door handle may begin to show signs of patina, which is a thin layer that forms on the surface and is produced by oxidation, wear and age. For handles that appear perfectly polished, use polishing agents to keep on top of your matrix door handle.

Why Choose Noremax?

At Noremax, we have years of experience when it comes to finding door handles and fronts suitable for different interior designs. We can help you to transform your old living space into something modern and stylish. We can help you to bring your vision to life, simply choose the handle form our extensive range that works best with your décor. If you have any queries regarding our handles, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team. We can advise you on the best handle for your interior design.

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