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The Prince handle is mounted over the edge of the front of the cabinet from the inside.  With the appearance of a clip that embraces softly around the front, the Prince is charming, delicate and alluring all at the same time. Available in brass, copper, chrome and matte black.

Dimensions: 1,5 mm thick.

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Brass Kitchen Cabinet Door Handles

Our prince handle mounts over the edge of the front of the cabinet and is fitted from the inside. With a clip appearance, these brass kitchen cabinet door handles have a delicate and alluring aesthetic that compliments multiple different interior designs. Whether you want brass kitchen cabinet door handles or would prefer copper, chrome or black matte, our variety of options allows every customer to design their décor exactly as they please.

Whether you have a modern or classic interior, our brass kitchen cabinet door handles sit subtly at 1.5mm thick, but also add the perfect finishing touch to any room. From metod kitchens and faktum kitchens to bathrooms, our prince handle is renowned for creating the charming finish every room desire. What’s more, our prices at Noremax have been kept affordable, so you can choose the colour you want and have as many brass kitchen cabinet door handles in your property as you wish.

Prince Handles

Whether you want to replace a handle or find a new handle for revamping your kitchen or interior design, our prince handles are the perfect addition. The size of the brass kitchen cabinet door handles is perfect for opening and closing with the utmost ease. The different finishes available all provide a different mood and work well with unique themes and colour. The brass kitchen cabinet door handles, copper, chrome and black matte all look sleek and stylish on a range of different cabinets, drawers and doors.

Combining eye-catching styles and simplicity, the prince handles emulate a classic design, but with a modern twist. These visible handles are aesthetically appealing to all interior designs. In fact, they’re a striking choice for studios, apartments, houses and even offices. The versatile design of prince handles makes them a suitable addition to any room in the property, with straightforward functionality, so you can easily open and close doors and drawers, even if you have items in your other hand.

Why Choose Brass Kitchen Cabinet Door Handles?

At Noremax, we have principles of care for you to follow when you purchase products from us. These allow you to care for your new products and maintain them for longer, so you don’t have to replace them. For your brass kitchen cabinet door handles, you can use mild soap and water. Once you have cleaned it, you should let the metal elements dry to avoid any discolouration or rusting. Over time there is a chance that brad kitchen cabinet door handles and copper handles may show signs of patina. This is a thin layer that forms on the surface produced by wear, age and oxidation. Therefore, if you would prefer polished handles, use polishing products for brass and copper. If you would like more information on how to care for your handles, get in touch with our team at Noremax. Additionally, if you would like to learn more about our prince handles, we are happy to answer any questions you may have.

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