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Inspired by the Ball handle, the Queen handle has a more ‘Royal’ appearance to it. The circle conceptual knob is simple, practical, and pretty much goes with anything. Suited to wooden furniture, use the Queen handle as drawer handles or door knobs on drawers, wardrobes, and cupboards to create a vintage-industrial aesthetic. Choose from polished brass or nickel-plated brass.

Dimensions: 27 mm in depth and 25 mm in diameter.

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Round Brass Door Handles

Round brass door handles, inspired by the ball handle, has a Royal and elegant appearance, adding a sophisticated style for any interior. Despite this, round brass door handles are practical, simple and sturdy, so you won’t need to replace the Queen handle any time soon. Round brass door handles work seamlessly on wooden furniture, as the Queen handle created a vintage-industrial aesthetic.

With dimensions of 25mm in diameter and 27mm in depth, round brass door handles are easy to open and close drawers and kitchen fronts, without feeling as if they are going to break. Available in both polished brass and nickel-plated brass, you can choose the finish that works best with the rest of the theme of the property. Easy to clean, you can maintain a flawless kitchen and living space that you are proud of, especially as these round brass door handles reflect the light.

Queen Round Brass Door Handles

The Queen round brass door handles adds the finishing touch that every contemporary and modern interior needs. The distinctive material makes a bold statement in any room and works well alongside other furniture in the room. Round brass door handles are versatile, meaning that they word well in any room of the house, allowing homeowners to maintain the same theme across the property.

Round brass door handles have durability and longevity, so you can be sure that the drawer, cupboard and handle won’t break with continuous use. What’s more, due to the shape of the handle, this makes it easy for users to use, as the shape allows you to grip the handle. Queen round brass door handles are suitable for adding to kitchen fronts for Faktum and Method kitchens, creating the kitchen space you have always dreamed of.

It’s easy to maintain the brass and prevent it from tarnishing; from adding polyurethane to paint thinner, there are a number of ways to ensure that the brass handles continue to look fresh and impressive. What’s more, these round brass door handles are quick to clean behind, as well as fit to your kitchen fronts, cupboards or drawers, so you don’t have to wait long to be able to use them and you can keep your kitchen space clean to entertain guests and spend quality family time in.

At Noremax, we have an extensive range of handles for homeowners to choose from to find one that ticks all the boxes. When revamping a kitchen or living space, we understand that everything must be thought about, including the handles. Therefore, we have kept our prices affordable, despite maintaining high quality across the range of products. This means that all homeowners can access our beautiful handles and put the finished touch to their interior design. For more information about our Queen round brass door handles, get in touch with our team at Noremax. Additionally, browse our blog posts for recent trends and inspiration for your new kitchen.

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