Qvist Max

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QVIST MAX is a T-shaped knob with a Nordic character. Available in walnut, black lacquered and clear lacquered oak. Mounted with a screw from the back of the front.

Diameter 48 mm, depth 40 mm.

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Qvist Max handle

The easier way to touch up an interior is by exchanging or adding tasteful accessories and decorations. The introduction of accessories doesn’t require a lot of work or a large budget. All you need is a vision and a little imagination. Therefore, furniture handles are the perfect solution if you want to quickly touch up a room. Our selection of products is ranging of classic and modern handles that suits any interior and room.

Contemporary and sleek Qvist Max handle

Qvist Max represents an extremely stylish, elegant, and modern design era. So, regardless of the interior design style of your chosen room – this Nordic designed and T-shaped knob, will enhance the room further and give it elegance and sophistication.

The Qvist Max knob comes in three different finishes – walnut, clear lacquered and black lacquered. The variety of finishes ensures that there is something for everyone and every interior. The universal colour black goes with every room and every furniture and the wooden pieces attract more attention whilst giving the interior more warmth and a more inviting appearance.
Oak known to be a luxurious material that offers durability and wear resistance. For this reason, Noremax felt the need to offer handles in this material to our clients. Oak and walnut Qvist Max handles combined with other wooden elements is an especially great choice in both contemporary and loft styled interiors. The beautiful material from which they are made emphasizes the character of the interior and enhances the style even further.

Qvist Max handle is designed to be enjoyable both to the eye and the hand. With a diameter of 48 mm and 40 mm in depth, the handle beautifully and subtly fits into the interior while ensuring a secure grip. Furthermore, the installation is easy and straightforward so, there is no need to ask for help. Qvist Max is mounted with a screw from the back of the front to ensure a sleek and seamless design from the front.

We know that furnishing an apartment or renovation is associated with large expenses. That is why our T-shaped knob is available at an affordable price and in several finishes. Qvist Max is such a universal handle design that it will look great in any interior and any room. Should that be kitchen, bedroom or living room is your choice. Why not all rooms to create a common thread throughout the entire home?

Why choose Noremax handle?

At Noremax we provide high-quality and versatile products like Qvist Max handle. We follow the latest trends but also treasure timelessness. This means that there is something for everyone and we want to give our audience a selection of products that are both timeless and trendy and that can be enjoyed for many years to come. Apart from design, Noremax also treasures quality, durability and functionality. In addition to providing products designed with these principles in mind, we have also created a care guide that will help you maintain the products. Furthermore, if you have any questions and want to learn more about our handles – please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly and experienced team. We are eager to help and dispel any doubts you may have.

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