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Our Nordic range offers a simple and elegant design that manages to be both classic and modern at the same time. With its sleek surfaces and cool colours inspired by the natural landscape, Nordic kitchen designs are bright, clean and super stylish. Fronts and side panels in this series can be treated in three different ways:

1. They can be painted in the desired colour and shine (only ash)
2. They can be delivered treated with only clear paint on top to retain the natural wood colour.
3. They can be stained and treated with clear paint on top.

Material: Made of MDF covered with ash or oak veneer

Painted fronts are treated with two-component acid curing lacquer from Akzo Nobel. When choosing fronts spray-painted in solid color, it is important to note that the color is ordered on prescription for color match. The result depends mainly on the material and method of application, but also what kind of product being used in relation to shade and gloss. This entails that painted fronts from Noremax will not necessarily look the same as other surfaces painted in the same color with a different product.

Paint: Akzo Nobel standard paint – available in semi-gloss, satin and matte finish or Polyurethane paint – available in a satin finish only

Akzo Nobel standard paint is an industrial paint that is less resistant to scratches and chipping, and less water-resistant. Polyurethane paint is an industrial paint that is more durable, more waterproof, more scratch resistant, and easier to maintain and clean.

Production time: approx. 5-8 weeks + delivery time

Thickness: 19 mm
Handles: No
Delivered with hinges: No
Comes with holes for hinges: Yes
Colour: Available in any colour you choose (provide NCS, Little Greene, Farrow&Ball or Jotun colour code)
Finish: Matte (10 gloss), Satin (20 gloss) or semi-gloss (40 gloss)

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We sell the fronts, not the frames!

Please note that in order to cover start-up costs, our minimum order is £215 and any difference left will be added to the order.

Please read important information about the wood structure in our FAQ.

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    Width x Height

    • 85 £
    • 95 £
    • 109 £
    • 123 £
    • 85 £
    • 100 £
    • 114 £
    • 128 £
    • 143 £
    • 158 £
    • 188 £
    • 202 £
    • 100 £
    • 121 £
    • 143 £
    • 166 £
    • 187 £
    • 208 £
    • 254 £
    • 276 £
    • 72 £
    • 91 £
    • 106 £
    • 204 £
    • 128 £
    • 143 £

    Fronts to Ikea METOD series for:

    ▪️ Base cabinet / Top cabinet
    ▪️ High cabinet
    ▪️ High cabinet for fridge
    ▪️ Dishwasher

    The fronts of our Basic model is suitable for base and top cabinets and fits the right and left hinges.

    If the hinges are on the right, the door is right hung. If the hinges are on the left, the door is left hung.

    Horizontal doors means doors that open in a vertical movement (upwards).

    IKEA has changed the hinge system for horizontal doors. For newly purchased kitchen-choose drawer fronts for horizontal adaptation

    Width x Height

    • 85 £
    • 109 £
    • 49 £
    • 57 £
    • 72 £
    • 54 £
    • 65 £
    • 91 £
    • 121 £
    • 57 £
    • 73 £
    • 106 £

    Drawer fronts to Ikea METOD series.

    Width x Height

    • 56 £
    • 64 £
    • 75 £
    • 85 £
    • 55 £
    • 72 £
    • 84 £
    • 94 £
    • 96 £
    • 105 £
    • 116 £
    • 126 £
    • 144 £
    • 167 £
    • 204 £
    • 250 £
    • 135 £
    • 146 £
    • 150 £
    • 214 £
    • 254 £
    • 313 £
    • 343 £
    The side panels are usually wider than the cabinet itself. This is to cover the carcass, the thickness of the front plus a few mm to be able to adapt the side panel to the wall/floor which often turns to be uneven. When using a hanging rail, the side does not necessarily cover the full thickness of the front.
    The side panels are delivered in standard dimensions while the fronts vary in thickness depending on the design. Please contact us if you would like to order other dimensions than what is in our range.

    Fronts to cover panel that fit Ikea METOD series

    Sides are cover panels used on the sides of the cabinet frames. The purpose of the panels is to give the design a comprehensive and coherent expression. It is therefore also natural to choose the same colour on the side panels as on the fronts. The side panels from Noremax are made of 12 mm MDF and are treated with the same durable paint as the front.

    Should you require side panels in sizes not found in the standard selection, it is common practice to order panels one size larger and then cut down to size. The side panels can also be used for other purposes such as shelves and furnishings to name a few.

    Please note that the dimensions of our side panels are rounded up to the nearest cm. Read more under our FAQ.

    Width x Height

    Plinth is available in standard NCS or Jotun colour and in brass colour.

    • 52 £
    • 110 £
    • 67 £
    • 120 £
    • 43 £
    • 43 £
    • 43 £
    • 60 £

    Plinth is the cover used to hide the opening between the base cabinet and the floor. The covers are made of 18 mm water resistant MDF and are treated with the same durable paint as for your fronts. The covers come with clips and screws and are available in two lengths (1.2 and 2.4 meters) for on-site customization.

    The ventilation grill is utilized in the plinth for integrated appliances or in any other location where it is needed. It is made of stainless steel that is coloured. Please note that the Noremax ventilation grill has a different installation system from others.

    Check our FAQs to find out more.

    Please see the cut-out template here.

    Width x Height

    • 66 £

    Decor strip is made of MDF with dimensions of 30 x 55 mm and is delivered in standard length of 2.4 meters and cut down to size on the assembly place. The strip is usually used to conceal lighting mounted under the top cabinets. They are supplied in the same durable paint as your fronts.

    Choose either ash or oak and stained or clear coat.

    Solid colour is only available for ash.

    • £
    • 30 £
    • 5 £
    • 10 £
    • £
    • £
    • 30 £
    • 5 £
    • 10 £

    Color code on stain

    Nordic fronts can be stained instead of spray-painted in any colour. Stains are the pigments that pull into the wood so that it gets stained and the wood structure appears more or less depending on the chosen stain colour (for dark colours it will give the illusion of different shades). Veins and pores often darken and the colour shades of the wood appear more. Tick ​​off the stain you want. Note that the colours may be different on the screen than in reality. If you are unsure about the colour you want, you can order a sample.
    If you want a different colour than shown below, you can enter a colour code in the box below.

    E.g. Stain colour from Jotun Lady Pure Nature:

    Choose colour

    You can either fill in the colour name / colour code in this box OR choose one of the popular colour options
    • £

    Due to a more complex production process of colours in the Little Greene palette, an additional charge of £ 225 will be applied.

    Before you choose a Little Greene colour, kindly reach out to us to confirm its availability. Little Greene periodically archives certain colours, and we may not possess samples for matching purposes. Your understanding and cooperation are greatly appreciated.

    Popular colour options:

    NCS code it’s an international Natural Colour System which accurately communicates the colours we see to pinpoint precise colour. Any paint shop will have an NCS index so you can check and choose the colour you like. They can also make a paint sample with your chosen colour. Please check our BLOG for more information.

    Choose the paint type and gloss finish

    Standard paint: Semi-gloss - without additional charge, Satin 5% additional charge, Matte 10% additional charge
    Polyurethane paint: Satin only - 30% additional charge

    Polyurethane can be used for many different purposes, but in this case, it is used as a surface treatment for fronts, sidepanels and plinths. Polyurethane varnish is an industrial varnish that is more durable and scratch-resistant, but also easier to maintain and clean.
    The choice of varnish must be considered according to your own use and needs. Due to its resistant properties, we recommend polyurethane varnish for kitchens.

    Screws are not included with the side panels, so we recommend using ordinary mounting screws purchased separately or from us.

    • 8 £

    Order extra lacquer in case of damage when assembling or for other later occasions.
    Attn! Extra varnish can only be ordered together with fronts, never on it´s own. Therefore, we always recommend ordering some extra.
    • 6 £

    Order extra lacquer in case of damage when assembling or for other later occasions.
    Attn! Extra varnish can only be ordered together with fronts, never on it´s own. Therefore, we always recommend ordering some extra.
    • 33 £

    Order extra stain in case of damaging when assembling or for other later occasions.
    Attn! Extra stain can only be ordered together with fronts, never on its own. Therefore, we always recommend ordering some extra.
    • 15 £

    Order extra hard wax oil in case of damaging when assembling or for other later occasions.
    Attn! Extra hard wax oil can only be ordered together with fronts, never on its own. Therefore, we always recommend ordering some extra.
    • 15 £

Metod Nordic IKEA Cabinet Doors

Declutter your kitchen space and fit minimalist Metod Nordic IKEA cabinet doors and drawer fronts to transform your kitchen into a room you will want to spend time in. These cabinet fronts add texture, which really brings the Nordic range to life. Choose between the different gloss finishes and add warmth to your home, or brighten up the room, making it appear more spacious. Despite the size of your kitchen, by having our Metod Nordic range installed, you can change the appearance of the size with the use of the variety of finishes.

The Metod Nordic collection works with any interior decorating scheme, regardless of the original style. The handle-free Nordic IKEA kitchen fronts offer a solution for kitchens that require more space, and an upgrade. The seamless finish is achieved through the sleek fitting of the cabinet door fronts and the smooth movement when they are opened and closed. The elegant design incorporates both a modern and classic style, making it a versatile product for any type of property.

When choosing Metod Nordic IKEA kitchen fronts, you can opt for two options:

  1. If you choose ash veneer fronts, they can have a varnished finish with clear paint on top to maintain the wood colour. They can also be stained in 7 different colours or have them painted in any colour.
  2. If you choose oak veneer fronts, you can opt for a varnished finish with clear paint on top to maintain the wood colour or have them stained in 7 different colours. We don’t offer paint on oak as the wood structure won’t be visible and the beauty of oak will be lost.

The finish and the colour of the fronts are completely up to the individual, making each kitchen bespoke to the property.

Why Choose The Nordic Range?

The exceptional detail and patterns make this range ideal for those who prefer traditional Nordic kitchen designs. With a 4-year guarantee on all our range, homeowners cannot go wrong with the Metod Nordic collection. You can upgrade your kitchen, by keeping your existing carcasses and purchasing the fronts from Noremax. Our prices are kept affordable, but we never compromise on quality, allowing all our customers the opportunity to have the kitchen of their dreams!

Have Metod Nordic IKEA cabinet doors and drawer fronts installed into your property, and these handle-free fronts will complement other features of your kitchen and make a bold statement without any assistance. When it comes to cleaning your kitchen cabinets and fronts, it’s less time-consuming without handles in the way that have tiny intricate details. With less sticky fingerprints all across the front, your kitchen can look clean and smart for longer.

For homeowners looking to promote a good flow between rooms in the house, the handle-free kitchen cabinet fronts don’t have the problem of handles interfering with the composition of the two rooms together. Handles can contribute to a claustrophobic feeling, but by eliminating them you can make the room feel bigger, which is ideal for open plan living. The Metod Nordic collection really turns heads and impresses guests, allowing homeowners the chance to enjoy cooking and spending time in their kitchen space again.

To find out more information about our Metod Nordic range and Metod Nordic IKEA cabinet doors, get in touch with our experienced and helpful team, today.



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