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Our Classic range is timeless, simple and fresh. It boasts neutral color palettes and thought out design details steering away from complicated, ornate and traditional fussy designs. The Classic range is neither too impersonal nor too ornate; it’s simply the perfect balance making it ideal for a wide variety of styles, tastes and budgets.
The frame on the panel is 7cm wide.

Material: MDF with Akzo Nobel lacquer

Painted fronts are treated with two-component acid curing lacquer from Akzo Nobel. When choosing fronts spray-painted in solid color, it is important to note that the color is ordered on prescription for color match. The result depends mainly on the material and method of application, but also what kind of product being used in relation to shade and gloss. This entails that painted fronts from Noremax will not necessarily look the same as other surfaces painted in the same color with a different product.

Paint: Akzo Nobel standard paint – available in semi-gloss, satin and matte finish or Polyurethane paint – available in a satin finish only

Akzo Nobel standard paint is an industrial paint that is less resistant to scratches and chipping, and less water-resistant. Polyurethane paint is an industrial paint that is more durable, more waterproof, more scratch resistant, and easier to maintain and clean.

Production time: approx. 5-8 weeks + delivery time

Thickness: 19 mm
Handles: No
Delivered with hinges: No – Check here
Comes with holes for hinges: Yes
Colour: Available in any colour you choose (provide NCS, Little Greene, Farrow&Ball or Jotun colour code)
Finish: Matte (10 gloss), Satin (20 gloss) or semi-gloss (40 gloss)

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Please note that in order to cover start-up costs, our minimum order is £215 and any difference left will be added to the order.


    Width x Height

    • 249 £
    • 249 £
    • 294 £
    • 294 £
    • 498 £
    • 589 £

    We recommend buying hinges for the selected doors. For these doors you can use IKEA hinges or buy our hinges for PAX.

    4,4 cm longer than the original from IKEA.
    Width x Height

    • 249 £
    • 249 £
    • 294 £
    • 294 £
    • 498 £
    • 589 £
    door length

    We recommend buying hinges for the selected doors. For these doors you can use IKEA hinges or buy our hinges for PAX.

    Width x Height

    • 124 £
    • 156 £
    • 203 £
    • 214 £
    • 56 £
    • 40 £
    • 46 £
    The side panels are usually wider than the cabinet itself. This is to cover the carcass, the thickness of the front plus a few mm to be able to adapt the side panel to the wall/floor which often turns to be uneven. When using a hanging rail, the side does not necessarily cover the full thickness of the front.
    The side panels are delivered in standard dimensions while the fronts vary in thickness depending on the design. Please contact us if you would like to order other dimensions than what is in our range.

    Fronts to cover panel 

    Sides are cover panels that need to be screwed in from inside of the wardrobe frame to the side of the carcass. Here you can use existing screw holes inside the wardrobe frame. Please make sure that your screws are not too long when fitted to our products, especially when different screws are used. 

     It is natural to choose the same colour on the side panels as on the fronts. The side panels from Noremax are made of 12 mm MDF and are treated with the same durable paint as the front.

    Should you require side panels in sizes not found in the standard selection, it is common practice to order panels one size larger and then cut down to size.

    We can make customized panels for you or cut them to measure if required however this will occur an additional charge.

    The side panels can also be used for other purposes such as shelves and furnishings to name a few.

    Width x Height

    • 50 £
    • 44 £
    • 38 £

    Noremax plinth is replacing the original IKEA plinth. This means the small pieces of the original wardrobe sides will be exposed. You can check the actual plinth length under the blue question mark next to the product.

    You can either order our 4cm longer (at the bottom) door to cover most of the plinth or you can paint the exposed sides with our 100ml paint jar that can be purchased with your doors.

  • Choose the paint type and gloss finish

    Standard paint: Semi-gloss - without additional charge, Satin 5% additional charge, Matte 10% additional charge
    Polyurethane paint: Satin only - 30% additional charge

    Choose colour

    You can either fill in the colour name / colour code in this box OR choose one of the popular colour options
    • £

    Due to a more complex production process of colours in the Little Greene palette, an additional charge of £ 225 will be applied.

    Before you choose a Little Greene colour, kindly reach out to us to confirm its availability. Little Greene periodically archives certain colours, and we may not possess samples for matching purposes. Your understanding and cooperation are greatly appreciated.

    Popular colour options:

    NCS code it’s an international Natural Colour System which accurately communicates the colours we see to pinpoint precise colour. Any paint shop will have an NCS index so you can check and choose the colour you like. They can also make a paint sample with your chosen colour. Please check our BLOG for more information.

    Screws are not included with the side panels, so we recommend using ordinary mounting screws purchased separately or from us.

    • 8 £

    Order extra lacquer in case of damage when assembling or for other later occasions.
    Attn! Extra varnish can only be ordered together with fronts, never on it´s own. Therefore, we always recommend ordering some extra.
    • 6 £

    Order extra lacquer in case of damage when assembling or for other later occasions.
    Attn! Extra varnish can only be ordered together with fronts, never on it´s own. Therefore, we always recommend ordering some extra.
    • 33 £

Your New Wardrobe Doors IKEA

Pax’s classic design is one of the most flexible and simple, yet offers elegance and seamless style for your bedroom or any storage solution. Anyone in need of new wardrobe doors IKEA designs can’t go wrong with the effortless Classic model, available in your choice of colours to accentuate any interior design. The bold panelled detail creates a modern twist on a contemporary design, offering a new lease of life to any PAX wardrobe you may have. Whether you want your wardrobe to be a stand out part of your bedroom, or to blend in with the surrounding décor, our customisable new wardrobe doors IKEA can do it all.

Why Choose Our Classic Range?

Our classic range encapsulates a timeless and stylish design, featuring simple and discreet profiles that highlight ultra-straight lines and contemporary expression. With the vast range of colours available using any NCS, Jotun or Farrow&Ball codes, these new wardrobe doors IKEA style can be customised however you see fit. With a range of standard sizes, they are entirely compatible with the IKEA Pax solutions. If you are unsure on sizes, you can speak to a member of our team for help.

Each Classic door is treated with a lacquer from Akzo Novel, experts in paints and coatings, to ensure long-term durability and ensure minimal maintenance. We also offer a 4 year guarantee with every purchase made, ensuring peace of mind for all our clients and customers when they purchase from us. To ensure you are completely happy with the colour choice for your Classic new wardrobe doors IKEA, you can order PAX samples. This means you can see the colour and material in the space and light it will be installed before you commit to a full purchase.

You can choose between three different finishes with Classic new wardrobe doors IKEA – the semi-gloss finish comes as standard; however you can opt for satin or matte styles for a small extra cost, regardless of the size or colour you’ve chosen. You can also opt for a ‘clear’ layer of paint, which will showcase the colour of the MDF, perfect for industrial or rustic aesthetics.

When you order from us, you’ll receive your order within just 6 weeks, even for custom orders. Please note, bespoke kitchen doors that are not made to standard IKEA measurements may take longer, but are available for an additional charge. Ordering coordinating or matching doors will lend a harmonious and sleek look to your interiors. You simply have to send us your requirements as laid out on each product page, and we will do the rest!

Get The Look

Replacement for the Classic PAX Wardrobes will bring your bedroom back to life, making sure it not only looks great, but functions perfectly too. Whether you’re in need of new wardrobe doors IKEA-style due to damage or wear and tear, or you’re looking to give your bedroom a whole new look, our wardrobe fronts are a cost-effective way of changing things up without buying a whole new wardrobe.

With the opportunity to choose colours, finishes, sizes and even which side the door will hang to ensure the hinge holes are drilled correctly; we strive to make the process simple. You can choose handles to suit your personal style or interior bedroom design and more – the choice is entirely yours.

Simply choose your colour scheme and let Noremax help bring your vision to life. If you have any questions or queries, do not hesitate to get in touch to find out more, we’ll be happy to help.

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