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Pure Linoleum Basic is the ultimate design that combines the brilliant features of both our Pure collection and the Linoleum collection. Pure Linoleum Basic is designed with a layer of linoleum on a core of HDF. The design, therefore, offers great durability, non-grease-sticking surfaces, several different finishes and a simple and minimalistic expression. In addition to this, the Pure Linoleum fronts are also sustainable and long-lasting. Go for the simple Basic design for a design you can be sure of not getting tired of.

Thickness: 20 mm
Material: HDF and linoleum
Integrated grips: No
Delivered with hinges: No – Check here
Comes with holes for hinges: Yes
Colour: Linoleum in 20 selected colours, HDF in black, grey, or light grey (available in blue, green, or yellow on request only) treated with oil
Finish: Not optional. Matte only
Production time: approx. 5-8 weeks + delivery time for standard colours. 12 weeks + delivery time for all other colours

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Please note that in order to cover start-up costs, our minimum order is £500 and any difference left will be added to the order.

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    Width x Height

    • 367 £
    • 367 £
    • 415 £
    • 415 £
    • 574 £
    • 635 £

    4,4 cm longer than the original from IKEA.
    Width x Height

    • 367 £
    • 367 £
    • 415 £
    • 415 £
    • 574 £
    • 635 £
    door length

    We recommend buying hinges for the selected doors.
    IKEA hinges will not be compatible with these doors.

    Select hinges for your doors

    • 21 £
    • 28 £
    • 42 £
    • 56 £
    • 0 £

    Width x Height

    • 322 £
    • 368 £
    • 400 £
    • 459 £
    • 101 £
    • 75 £
    • 86 £
    The side panels are usually wider than the cabinet itself. This is to cover the carcass, the thickness of the front plus a few mm to be able to adapt the side panel to the wall/floor which often turns to be uneven. When using a hanging rail, the side does not necessarily cover the full thickness of the front.
    The side panels are delivered in standard dimensions while the fronts vary in thickness depending on the design. Please contact us if you would like to order other dimensions than what is in our range.

    Side panels to cover Pax carcass 

    Sides are cover panels that need to be screwed in from the inside of the wardrobe frame to the side of the carcass. Here you can use existing screw holes inside the wardrobe frame. Please make sure that your screws are not too long when fitted to our products, especially when different screws are used.

    It is natural to choose the same colour on the side panels as on the fronts. The side panels are made of 16 mm MDF and treated with the same durable paint as the front.

    Should you require side panels in sizes not found in the standard selection, it is common practice to order panels one size bigger and then cut down to size. We can make customized panels for you if required however this comes with some additional charge. The side panels can also be used for other purposes such as shelves and furnishings to name a few.

    Width x Height

    • 60 £
    • 56 £
    • 45 £

    The plinth is the cover used to hide the opening between the wardrobe and the floor. The covers are made of 18 mm water resistant MDF and are treated with the same durable paint as rest of your fronts. The plinths come with clips and screws and are available in three lengths: 50, 75, and 100 cm. The plinth is 7cm wide.

    Noremax plinth is replacing the original IKEA plinth. This means the small pieces of the original wardrobe sides will be exposed. You can check the actual plinth length under the blue question mark next to the product.

    You can either order our 4cm longer (at the bottom) door to cover most of the plinth or you can paint the exposed sides with our 100ml paint jar that can be purchased with your doors.

    Linoleum is a finished natural material with a matte surface therefore there is no option to choose degree of gloss for this design.
  • Select desired Pure colour

    Select desired Linoleum colour

    Screws are not included with the side panels, so we recommend using ordinary mounting screws purchased separately or from us.

    • 8 £

    Order extra hard wax oil in case of damaging when assembling or for other later occasions.
    Attn! Extra hard wax oil can only be ordered together with fronts, never on its own. Therefore, we always recommend ordering some extra.
    • 15 £

The Pure Linoleum Basic design is the ultimate design that combines the brilliant features of the two great materials HDF and Linoleum. Both materials are often used in furniture design because they offer great abilities. HDF is a great material that is sustainably manufactured. HDF is also very dense and durable, this means that the material has a long lifespan and this is another reason why HDF is known as such an eco-friendly and sustainable material.

Linoleum offers other qualities which are very sought after in the world of furniture design and especially for the furniture which is used daily, like kitchen cabinets, wardrobes and hallway storage units. Linoleum is, just like HDF, a sustainable and natural material that is resistant to scratches. The naturally matte surface is great as its greasy fingerprints aren’t as visible. The Pure Linoleum Basic front is, therefore, a great choice for people looking for functional and long-lasting products to complement their IKEA cabinets.

How to match the Pure Linoleum Basic fronts?

Pure Linoleum Basic is the simplest of designs made with a combination between HDF and Linoleum. The design is completely plain which doesn’t mean it’s boring, it just means that it is a blank surface! Whether you want a design style that is minimal, decorative or industrial, this is a great design for you!

Combine the Pure Linoleum Basic fronts with another design from our Pure Collection and have yourself a great design made in durable HDF. Pure Basic is a great choice as it can be made in the same colour and material as the Pure Linoleum Basic fronts. The difference is of course that the Pure Basic fronts don’t have a linoleum surface but this is what creates an interesting contrast. Allow the linoleum to pop by choosing a colour that brilliantly complements the colour of the HDF. For example, the colours Vapour and Pewter look great in combination with HDF in black.

Since neither Pure Linoleum Basic nor Pure Basic is designed with any integrated grips, we suggest you check out our wide selection of handles to match your new IKEA Pax wardrobe fronts. In our collection, you can find many different designs that would go great together with your interior design style. Are you interested in a more industrial style, then check out the Tire knob or Joker handle? Both handles offer a great grip and an industrial style with a touch of roughness and attitude – perfect for the Pure Linoleum Basic fronts.

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