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Which cabinets should I buy for a wardrobe?

Our fronts are adapted to the PAX system from IKEA. They come in the following sizes (width x height) 50×201 cm, 50×236 cm, 100×201 cm and 100×236 cm. The PAX carcasses come in different depths, and our fronts fit all size depths described above.

Do wardrobe doors from Noremax have the same dimensions as standard fronts from IKEA?

We offer standard door size the same as IKEA but we also have an option to make the doors a little bit longer so that they cover a little more of the shelf (plinth on the bottom). This doesn’t affect functionality. The only visual difference is that wardrobe looks more presentable. Our wardrobe fronts have about 2 cm gap from the floor, while the IKEA’s entire shelf is shown.

Can you add legs to PAX wardrobe?

Yes, this can be done but the job should be carried by a carpenter. The wardrobe will get higher if you add a leg and it can be harder to get things that are at the very top of the wardrobe. This is not something we recommend.

Do you offer sliding doors for wardrobes?

No, we do not offer them. Noremax offers only hinged door for wardrobes.

What is the position of hinges in a Pax wardrobe measuring 201 cm?

Pax wardrobe, 201cm high, the position of the hinges – starting from the top:

Top hinge hole No: 3/4

Middle hinge hole No: 29/30

Bottom hinge hole No: 56/57 or 3/4 starting from the bottom

What is the position of the hinges in a Pax wardrobe measuring 236 cm?

Pax wardrobe, 236 cm high, the position of the hinges – starting from the top:

Hinge 1, hole No: 3/4

Hinge 2, hole No: 32/33

Hinge 3, hole No: 38/39

Hinge 4, hole No: 67/68 or 3/4 starting from the bottom



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