How can I order?

There are several options when ordering fronts:

1. Order through the website

All prices and dimensions of standard products are stated on the website. Select the desired product category egg. Kitchen - then you choose either Method (from 2013) or Faktum (before 2013) - click on the desired design - here you can either

a) press "Check prices" and you will automatically be sent to the list of products list and prices.

Scroll down until you reach the products list and prices.

Tick the selected size and select the number of fronts. The products are automatically added to the shopping basket - go to the bottom of the page, choose the gloss finish and the colour or provide the colour code - click on Add to basket - then "View basket" or "Checkout". There you will see the total price for the products + shipping cost which is calculated based on the postal code and the weight of your products. Free shipping applies for orders above a certain value (more about this at the checkout).

For a better overview, it may be best to check a list of products and the quantity you ticked off in the basket. Please double-check this before submitting your order. You will receive a copy of the order via -mail when the order is placed - when the order is registered you will receive an invoice via e-mail (when you choose to invoice, not PayPal). Have you not received an invoice? Please check the Spam folder in your inbox before contacting us.

If any questions arise along the way, please contact us on tel. +44 7368418902

Also, check if you have Method or Faktum kitchen - if you are unsure, you can check here.

2. Visit your Noremax representative

Feel free to arrange an appointment with your UK Noremax representative via email at [email protected] or phone at +44 7368418902.

We are happy to help you place your order and advise on the choice of design and colour. We need you to bring a printout of your IKEA order including fronts so that we know what exact products and quantity we are looking for. If you do not have the opportunity to print this, you can send it to us in advance via e-mail (saved in PDF on IKEA Home Planner).

Are you looking to updated an existing kitchen? No problem. Take the measurements of all fronts you want to replace + dimensions of side panels, plinth and decor strip length. Also check if you have Method or Faktum kitchen - if you are unsure you can check here.

3. Get help via email and phone

If you do not have the opportunity to visit one of our showrooms, you can send both kitchen drawings and a product list via e-mail to [email protected]. You may need to provide your IKEA Home Planner username and password if necessary.

Advice in your email on what design, colour and finish you want, as well as your full name, delivery address and telephone number. We will send you a quotation via email based on the information and drawings we have received from you, or we will ask more questions about your design first. When the order gets approved by you and confirmed by us, you will receive an invoice via e-mail. Production will start when payment will be received.

4. Get help from an interior designer

Do you have a bigger project that you do not quite know how to tackle, whether you update the kitchen or completely renovate the whole space get in touch with an interior designer (either of your choice or recommended by us)?

They are experts in this area and can tailor your floor plan to suit your everyday life and make it both - functional and aesthetically pleasing.