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ROBIN is an aluminum handle. The material gives the handle a low and comfortable weight. The grooved or knurled surface contributes to the handle being perceived as exclusive, modern while giving the handle an industrial character. ROBIN is available in several different designs and in two different lengths.

The handle has c/c 128, length 170 mm, depth 37 mm.

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Robin handle

Furniture handles seem to be a small element, but for a spatial design, they play an extremely important role. Well-chosen, they will create a unique, eye-catching look. They provide comfort in the use of furniture and they are also be an essential accessory.

Modern industrial Robin furniture handle

Is your kitchen undergoing a renovation? Perhaps you are tired with the look of the furniture and you want to give it a more personal expression? You don’t want to start a massive renovation but you still need a change to happen? A good solution is to replace the old handles with new ones and in this case, the Robin handle is a perfect choice. The handle adds an elegant and industrial character to the furniture and the entire room. The design resembles our other two handles: Batman and Boa Delux. The difference is in the sizes. The Robin handle is 170 mm long, 37 mm deep and has knurled elements, which means they add another texture to the product. The Robin handle is available in four finishes, so that all of our clients are able to match it to the material and colour of their furniture. The finishes are antique bronze, brass, matte black and a stainless steel look. Since the Robin handle is made of aluminum, it iis very lightweight and convenient to use.

Installing this handle is simple and easy and take roughly a few minutes. You don’t need to hire an expert, you can easily do it yourself. Just make sure that the distance between the two mounting holes is 128 mm wide. The handle is also easy to clean and maintain. Rub it with mild soap and water and let it dry to avoid any discolourings.
Thanks to its solid design and beautiful finishes, the handle will delight you and your guests. Apart from the fact that it is characterized by an original and wonderful appearance, it is also incredibly user-friendly.

Choose Noremax to decorate your furniture

We are very aware of the needs and wants of our clients and we also know that renovations usally comes with large expenses. We have therefore decided to provide products at affordable prices so that our customers won’t have to feel limited to budget. Because everyone deserves to have a home where they are comfortable, whether that means exchanging the handles or building a built in wardrobe – we are here to help!

Our product range includes a variety of handles, from classic to modern and most of them are universal and will suit any interior. Therefore, we are convinced that everyone should be able to find the perfect handle to enhance their kitchen, bedroom or living room in a few minutes.

If you can’t decide how to match the handle to your interior, please visit our blog where you will find many inspiring articles. If you have any questions regarding the Robin handle, shipping, installation or prices – please get in touch with our experienced team and we will help clear up your concerns.

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