IKEA Bamboo + Range

The Bamboo+ range represents durability, style and elegance. Available in the portfolio of Ikea Metod Kitchen designs, our brand-new IKEA bamboo kitchen cabinet fronts offer an authentic and stunning look, regardless of the finish you choose. The natural grain retains its integrity regardless of the colour you choose – the natural colour offers a light, natural yellow colour that will bring a new lease of life to your kitchen, keeping it bright and airy, while a simple steaming process will bring out a unique caramel tint that can craft a warm, comforting atmosphere.

The IKEA bamboo aesthetic is perfect for both residential and commercial properties; the refined bamboo emphasises an authentic, sustainable appearance or is idyllic in an industrial or Scandinavian style home.
Every IKEA bamboo cabinet front we stock is treated with a matte clear lacquer, designed to maintain the quality and increase the overall lifespan. Bamboo+ undergoes a demanding production process and an equally as in-depth treatment process that ultimately ensures every IKEA bamboo cabinet front is durable, hardy and can withstand even the most trying of challenges. From the heat of a kettle or a cooker, to the cold of the fridge or water from the sink, the cabinets can stand the tests of the kitchen environment with ease.

The natural beauty of bamboo is thanks to its unusual form. It’s considered a type of grass and not wood and offers a solid finish. Each of our IKEA bamboo cabinet fronts are made from Moso Bamboo, a fast-growing species that is ready for harvesting after just five years. After being prepared and compressed, the material is three times as hard as oak wood and with our clear lacquer, become essentially maintenance-free.

Stylish IKEA Bamboo + Cabinet Front Designs

Our IKEA Bamboo kitchen cabinet doors offer timeless design and easy customisation, with the ability to choose and install your own style of handle or opt for the push system. The Circle design features a simple milled circle that offers a subtle elegance and modern twist to your kitchen’s design.

The Bamboo+ Elegance design features discreet but functional finger pulls, removing the need for handles and ensuring a smooth finish throughout. On a similar strain, the IKEA Bamboo + Instyle design is another handle-less design that offers minimalistic design and an ultra-modern look. With the Inline and Ontime designs also offering minimalistic and seamless modern design throughout, you can choose the colour and style that suits your tastes best.

We provide IKEA Bamboo + cabinet fronts for base and top cabinets, high cabinets and even for dishwashers or high cabinets for fridges. You can keep your appliances hidden behind a smooth and seamlessly modern exterior, maintaining a minimalistic style throughout. With the option to choose where the grips appear in some styles, as well as whether the doors are left or right hung, ordering your IKEA bamboo+ cabinet fronts is a simple process.

For more information about our range of Bamboo kitchen fronts for your IKEA cabinets, simply choose your design above or feel free to contact a member of our friendly team, today.

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