Bespoke Sideboards

If you have Besta sideboards in your home or planning to buy new ones and are looking around for ideas to help upgrade your living area, the Noremax sideboard fronts solution could be the answer. Noremax is a popular manufacturer of bespoke sideboards cabinet fronts and side panels to suit a variety of IKEA fitments. One of the major benefits of Noremax sideboard fronts is they can be manufactured in any colour at all, just so long as you supply Noremax with the appropriate colour code at the time of order, you can opt for sideboard front and side panels in the unique colours and shades you adore.

Noremax is a sustainable option for your interior decor as you only replace the fronts of your existing units and Noremax side panels fit snugly over the existing carcass of your unit. You can also add them to your new IKEA frames.

If your existing Besta sideboard is looking a little tired and worn and you want to liven up your decor, take time to browse our range of bespoke Besta sideboard fronts to discover a new, unique look. Our Besta Guide has all the answers to what you can achieve with a new Noremax sideboard front.

We are really proud of the fantastic feedback we get from customers that have already upgraded their Besta units with our bespoke fittings. Just some of the sideboard fronts and side panels we supply include:

Besta Elegance

Our Elegance sideboard fronts will totally transform the look of your Besta cabinet. They can be fitted to any size Besta sideboard and are available in colours of your choice. All our Elegance sideboard fronts and side panels are finished with Akzo Nobel lacquer for protection and fabricated from 19mm thick MDF. We also supply plinths in different sizes for Besta sideboards to eliminate the gap between the floor and the sideboard. Check out our Elegance range on the website to get more idea of just how your Besta sideboard can be transformed when you opt for sideboard fronts and side panels from Noremax.


The Cube range is only available in certain sizes and is ideal for smaller Besta cabinets or kitchen cabinets. The Cube is a perfectly symmetrical solution featuring unique and stylish cutouts to give a bespoke appearance to suitable Besta cabinets. Cube sideboard doors are available in sizes 60 x 38mm or 60 x 64mm only. These sideboard fronts and side panels can be in any colour you require, you just need to let us have the right Jotun, NCS or Farrow and Ball colour code prior to manufacture. Browse our line up of Cube cabinet fronts on our website.

Why Choose Noremax?

Creating bespoke sideboards and a unique look for your space is really simple when you partner with Noremax. Our unique solutions for IKEA cabinets mean you have the ability to opt for professionally manufactured cabinet fronts and sides that totally transform the look of Besta units. Take a look at our website for more information, or get in touch to discuss your needs in detail.

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