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Linen Lighting

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Linen closet system offers a selection of lighting products with accessories. Do you want to order additional lighting for your new storage furniture or to supplement existing ones? Noremax offers LED strips that are integrated into the side of the wardrobe carcass and spots that are mounted on the underside of shelves or at the top of the carcass. Accessory products include dimmers and sensors, as well as transformers in various sizes.

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    LED strip

    For supplementing LED strips in existing wardrobes. When buying a new wardrobe carcass, LED strips must be added to the product page together with the wardrobe carcass, to have a groove milled into the carcass side.

    The LED strip is 3m long and 4mm wide. Can be cut to the desired length. Requires 9.6W per m.

    Polar LED Spot

    Polar LED Spot is a surface-mounted point light for installation on the top of the carcass or cabinet, or under shelves. Frame in brushed aluminium. With optical glass and no visible LEDs, it provides even lighting. The thickness of only 5 mm. Easy to assemble and fasten with included wood screws. Requires 5W per spot.

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    Lighting products require a converter. The lighting is watt-controlled and which converter you should choose depends on the amount of lighting and the choice of switch/dimmer. If you want to have a dimmer on the wall (primary side), a LED converter TRIAC must be used. If a dimmer or sensor from Noremax is to be used, a non-TRIAC LED converter must be used. It is recommended to stay 10-15% below the maximum capacity of the converter.

    Dimmer and sensor are mounted on the wardrobe carcass. You can connect several Noremax dimmers and sensors to the same converter.

    Feel free to use our calculator to help you choose a converter or see more under FAQ.

Light up your Linen wardrobe

Adding lighting with spots or LED-strip can give that something extra to your wardrobe and let you create the luxurious feel you are looking for. The LED spots are surface-mounted point lighting that is mounted on shelves or at the top of the wardrobe carcass or cabinet. Supplement with as many as you want to make the wardrobe as bright and clear as possible. The LED strip is integrated into the carcass side, and as a narrow vertical line, it lights up the carcass interior at its full height. Choose to have the LED strip on the left side, right side or both sides of the carcass for extra bright lighting.

By adding a dimmer, you can adjust the lighting intensity to create a comfortable atmosphere. If you have doors on the wardrobe solution, you can add a sensor to each wardrobe carcass so that the light is switched on and off when the doors are closed and opened. Lighting also requires transformers. Noremax has several sizes to offer, so choose the right one based on your amount of lighting.

Linen closet system

With the Linen closet system, you can create a modern wardrobe solution and storage furniture that is durable, practical and looks great. The Linen closet system has a laminate surface with a resemblance to linen fabric. This means that you get a wardrobe that has both a hard-wearing surface and a contemporary and natural expression. The Linen collection is an excellent choice as a walk-in wardrobe, but also as practical storage in the hallway or bedroom. It is a flexible storage system with many options, which can easily be adapted to needs and wishes. If you want fronts for the wardrobe, then all Noremax IKEA PAX wardrobe doors are suitable. Interior organizers for the Linen closet system can be supplemented with different types of drawers, shelves and hangers so that the wardrobe can be as practical and customized as possible.

Why choose the Linen closet system from Noremax?

  • A flexible and durable wardrobe system that gives you the opportunity to create the perfect storage or walk-in wardrobe
  • The wardrobe carcass has a back plate that is as thick as the sides, which makes the carcass very stable and durable
  • Add-on modules or cabinets in several heights to make the most of the ceiling height and create vertical storage
  • The Cabinets can also be used alone to build a separate storage unit
  • A flexible wardrobe solution with lots of accessories, so that you can customize it to your needs and wishes
  • You can choose to have the wardrobe carcass delivered with integrated LED lighting, or surface-mounted spots
  • Our large selection of PAX wardrobe doors can be used for both wardrobe carcass and cabinets
  • If you choose Linen wardrobe doors, you can get fronts in the same surface and colour as the cabinet carcass and interior organizers
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