Soft Matte Basic – Pax Wardrobe

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Are you looking for a new and fresh look for your old IKEA wardrobes? Then the Soft Matte Basic product series is the perfect choice for you! The collection is one of our newest and it consists of a very exciting technology which is both anti-scratch and anti-fingerprints. In total, the sleek look, the trendy colour choices and our option to extend the wardrobe doors with 4 cm on the bottom to cover the plinth will create an exclusive and luxurious wardrobe unit for your bedroom or entrance hall!

Colour: Available in 7 standard colours (additional colours on request only)

The NCS-codes correlated to each colour code is the closest match of the universal colour system but not an identical match. The colour of your front may therefore differ slightly in nuance from the NCS code due to the different products being used.

Material: MDF with polymeric foil on top
Thickness: 19 mm
Handles: No
Delivered with hinges: No – Check here
Comes with holes for hinges: Yes
Finish: The Soft Matte collection comes in a super matte finish which is both soft to the touch and scratch-resistant
Production time: approx. 5-8 weeks + delivery time for standard colours. 12 weeks + delivery time for all other colours

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Please note that in order to cover start-up costs, our minimum order is £500 and any difference left will be added to the order. No start-up cost for standard colours.


    Width x Height

    • 213 £
    • 213 £
    • 237 £
    • 237 £
    • 384 £
    • 428 £

    We recommend buying hinges for the selected doors. For these doors you can use IKEA hinges or buy our hinges for PAX.

    4,4 cm longer than the original from IKEA.
    Width x Height

    • 213 £
    • 213 £
    • 237 £
    • 237 £
    • 384 £
    • 428 £
    door length

    We recommend buying hinges for the selected doors. For these doors you can use IKEA hinges or buy our hinges for PAX.

    Width x Height

    • 140 £
    • 180 £
    • 209 £
    • 265 £
    • 62 £
    • 44 £
    • 51 £
    The side panels are usually wider than the cabinet itself. This is to cover the carcass, the thickness of the front plus a few mm to be able to adapt the side panel to the wall/floor which often turns to be uneven. When using a hanging rail, the side does not necessarily cover the full thickness of the front.
    The side panels are delivered in standard dimensions while the fronts vary in thickness depending on the design. Please contact us if you would like to order other dimensions than what is in our range.

    Side panels to cover Pax frame 

    Sides are cover panels that need to be screwed in from the inside of the wardrobe frame to the side of the carcass. Here you can use existing screw holes inside the wardrobe frame. Please make sure that your screws are not too long when fitted to our products, especially when different screws are used. 

    It is natural to choose the same colour on the side panels as on the fronts. The side panels from Noremax are made of 13 mm MDF with polymeric foil on top. Thickness may vary +/-1mm.

    Should you require side panels in sizes not found in the standard selection, it is common practice to order panels one size larger and then cut down to size.

    We can make customized panels for you however this will come with some additional charge.
    The side panels can also be used for other purposes such as shelves and furnishings to name a few.

    Please note that the dimensions of our side panels are rounded up to the nearest cm. Read more under our FAQ.

    Width x Height

    • 54 £
    • 48 £
    • 43 £

    Plinths are used to cover the opening between the wardrobe and floor. They are delivered complete with clips and screws for mounting.

    The plinths are available in three different lengths - 50, 75 and 100 cm. You can check the actual plinth length under the blue question mark next to the product. Noremax plinth is designed to replace the original IKEA plinth. This will result in the small pieces of the original wardrobe sides showing next to the Noremax plinth.

    Noremax offers two options to create a cohesive design:

    1. Choose 4,4 cm prolonged doors: These doors are are designed to cover most of the plinth, providing a seamless look for your wardrobe. This option also works well when keeping the original plinth from IKEA.

    2. Paint the exposed sides with matching lacquer: Noremax provides the option to purchase 100ml extra lacquer along with your doors, side panels and plinths. This allows you to paint the exposed sides. It’s important to note that there may be slight differences in the finish, due to the frame being made from a different material than Noremax fronts. This option is only available for lacquered designs.

  • Colour options

    The NCS-codes correlated to each colour code is the closest match of the universal colour system but not an identical match. The colour of your front may therefore differ slightly in nuance from the NCS code due to the different products being used.

    Screws are not included with the side panels, so we recommend using ordinary mounting screws purchased separately or from us.

    • 8 £

Customized IKEA wardrobes

IKEA Pax wardrobes are living in so many homes. The product series is the perfect wardrobe for most homes as it is very adaptable to your personal needs and preferences. Do you need a coat holder at your hall entrance? Or do you need a lot of drawers and organizers for socks and underwear? Everything is possible. The wardrobe cabinets also come in several different widths, depths and heights to fit your home perfectly. Make use of your space with IKEA Pax wardrobes!

Give your wardrobes a personal look!

It is not only the wardrobe cabinets that are adjustable, our fronts are too! With Noremax you can always feel safe that you can create the look of your dreams. You will not have to compensate the looks of your home for its functionality of it.

The Soft Matte Basic product series is our newest addition to the selection of fronts suitable for IKEA Pax cabinets. The design consists of MDF with polymeric foil on top. The material creates a trendy ultra-matte look – hence the name of the product series! Furthermore, the foil is anti-fingerprint, offering the latest and most functional property to your matte fronts. The Soft matte collection is everything we have ever dreamed of! Trendy, low maintenance, affordable and it comes in several different colours to match with the rest of your interior.

Installing the Soft Matte Basic

Furthermore, we know that easy installation is a priority for our clients. We have therefore produced fronts that are designed to perfectly fit the IKEA system. All doors come prepared with holes for hinges, of course, these are designed to perfectly fit the carcass of your IKEA wardrobe as well as the size of the hinges that IKEA provides. So, what are you waiting for? Get your hinges at IKEA and install your new Soft Matte Basic fronts for a completely new look for your wardrobes!

Create a design concept throughout

How can we make your life even better? By providing this design for other IKEA systems as well. The Soft Matte Basic front is available for kitchens and storage units! Check out the fronts for Metod kitchens here, or do you have an old Faktum system? Then fear not! Because the design is also available for the Faktum collections here.

You can get the fronts in the same colour as one of our other beautiful nuances. No matter what colour you choose – the material of the Soft Matte product series will create a design concept that runs through your entire home. The soft-touch and the ultra-matte finish speaks for a trendy, minimalistic interior design style with a real wow-effect!

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