Ikea PAX wardrobe – a simple way to transform your furniture into new ones

When we buy new furniture, even the most desirable ones, we want to replace them after a few years. With Noremax solutions, you don’t have to do that anymore. You will need only to economically and effectively change the furniture fronts to get a completely different style. You can change the appearance of smaller kitchen cabinets as well as spacious ikea pax wardrobes – the choice is yours.

The most favorable larger wardrobes around the globe – Ikea pax wardrobes

Ikea is a furniture company that needs no introduction. It was founded in the 1940s, furniture currently produced by the company can be found in homes and apartments around the world.

Minimalist style, aesthetics and functionality – all of these factors have an effect on the huge interest in Ikea furniture. Regardless of whether you buy Ikea kitchen doors, kitchen cabinets, knobs, handles or wardrobes – you can be sure that you are choosing a proven solution.

With the help of the Ikea pax planner you are able to create exactly the model of furniture you want, however after some time everyone thinks about introducing some visual changes. At this is where we come in Noremax, based in Norway, offering a complete transformation of the furniture you have!

All Ikea furniture with the Faktum, Metod system or PAX, can have the mentioned fronts and thus look completely different than before. Check below how it works.

The quality of Scandinavia & the uniqueness of Noremax

We believe that beauty lies in simplicity. By buying Ikea furniture, you have the option of replacing the furniture fronts at a later time. The principle is quite simple. The furniture frame, the part in which your things are stored, e.g. Ikea wardrobe, remains unchanged. However, the entire external appearance of the furniture changes completely according to individual preferences. For this purpose, our fronts are used in a colour and style you like. As a result, you get stylistically completely new furniture for a very low price.

By using the popular Ikea pax planner, you can order exactly the furniture you want. If you are interested in buying a capacious Ikea pax wardrobe, you can adjust its internal layout. The buyer decides for himself which segments should the wardrobe be made of. What is more, he is able to decide where the drawers should be placed in the wardrobe, where will be the right place for cloths rail. All of these features mean that once purchased, Ikea furniture often remain the most practical at home and apartment, and therefore – there is no need to replace them all!

Instead of removing the older Ikea furniture, just replace its outer parts. We assure you that the furniture will look completely different. The assembly system has been refined in such a way that everyone can carry out simple activities independently without having specialized tools and specialized knowledge.

Ikea pax wardrobe – Noremax wide range of furniture fronts

With Noremax you can easily transform standard Ikea pax wardrobe design into the new one that will not bring to mind the older furniture. Our collection of furniture fronts has a lot to offer. Certainly, you will find your favorite look among them. Make your dreams of practical and aesthetic wardrobe come true!

If you are looking for a new design that will still be characterized by proven Scandinavian minimalism loved by millions of people around the world, just check out the Basic collection. There is no need to lower your expectations. Check our Circle, Moon and Escape collections and you will find everything what is needed.
Do you want to create Ikea pax wardrobe that will perfectly match the elements of raw wood? A product that will fit into a modern apartment, as well as the interior of a cozy cabin in the mountains? Check out our offer of Nordic furniture fronts!

Or – maybe – you are just not keening on characteristic Scandinavian style? If you want to change a bedroom or other room into a space full of elegance, check the details for the Elegance, Empire and Classic, Classic Max, Classic Style options. Now, with Noremax solutions, the glamour room is available to be created without having to replace the entire, yet very functional, furniture!

Not only wardrobes – Ikea sideboards and storages

You can also buy Ikea kitchen carcasses that are great for sideboards located in the dining room, and other storages for a living room and bedroom.

Feel free to choose from a variety of Noremax proven proposals. Designs such as Instyle or Ontime, as well as many others, will make your home full of elegance.

We also encourage you to familiarize yourself with the Ikea sideboards offer. In this category, we offer the highest quality fronts for free-standing cabinets. Choose among universal styles designed for maximum satisfaction.

Noremax – Ikea kitchen cabinet doors, storage and more

Noremax provides you with proven furniture fronts of various types. We encourage you to check the fronts not only for Ikea PAX wardrobe, but also for Ikea kitchen furniture or Besta storages.

There is no better way to refresh your kitchen quicker than by using Ikea kitchen cabinet doors. Again, the internal durable and practical furniture frame remains unchanged. All external parts are replaced. In this simple way you will change the look of the kitchen beyond recognition and your guests definitely will be impressed. In addition, you can also choose from fancy kitchen cabinet handles. You can pick from many styles, e.g. batman handles, bridge handles and gate handles. Noremax knobs and handles were created to combine great design with comfortable everyday use.

Simple but smart ways are better than normal or complicated. Try Noremax solutions and you will be not disappointed. See how easy it is to change Ikea furniture to achieve unique look.

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