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Key is a modern and elegant handle in aluminum. The handle has an industrial touch and is functional for opening heavy drawers.

The handle has c / c: 160 mm. Length 182 mm, width 10 mm, depth 33 mm.

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Key Handle

Functional furniture must be equipped with handles that allow for comfortable opening and closing of doors and drawers. In addition to practical values, the handles should also complement the design. At Noremax, we always follow the interior design trends that currently reign all over the world. That is why our range is full of modern and beautifully designed handles for all rooms.

A perfect key to your furniture

Furniture handles are like keys to the door – with them we are able to open wardrobes and cabinets. The Key furniture handle is one of our bestsellers. Certainly, it has captured the heart of many users with its minimalistic shape. A grooved surface, perceived as modern, elegant, and exclusive, will surely bring a touch of luxury to the room. If you want to add a simple yet prominent finish to your kitchen or bedroom, purchase the Key handle. It has an industrial touch and is dedicated to those who value refined elegance. It is available in matte black, brass and stainless steel, so everyone can find a finish that goes with the style of the room. The handle, with its unique, industrial styled expressiveness, is a perfect addition for both bathroom and kitchen furniture. It works equally as great on a living room furniture or on wardrobe doors. However, the design is ideal for heavier drawers as the grip allow for a lot of force to be put into opening and closing.

The Key handle has the following dimensions: 182 mm in length, 10 mm in width, and 33 mm in depth which allows for a comfortable and secure grip.

It hasn’t been that easy yet!

A great advantage of the Key handle is the ease of installation. Just place the handle in a position that you want and install with the included screws. Easy as that! Just as quick and simple as the installation, equally as easy is the maintenance of the handle. If you plan to install a key handle in a kitchen, it will be exposed to a lot of touching. We have therefore put together a principles of care guide on our website to help you keep the products clean and tidy. With this guide, we are confident that you will manage to maintain the products so that they can live a long and healthy life.

Furniture handles are the most exposed thing in the home. It is used frequently and therefore; it is of great importance that the product is of high quality. That is why we create our handles with attention to every detail and we make sure that they are strong and durable.

We are a company that guarantee functional and universal furniture handles at competitive prices. Because Noremax believes that everyone should afford to live in a home where they are happy and comfortable. We provide a comprehensive service and are happy to answer your questions. Therefore, if you would like to know more information about Key handle or anything else about our products or concept, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We will not leave any questions unanswered. Our skilled and service-minded team is eager to help.

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