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Spike is a nice knob in brass. The industrially ribbed surface creates an exciting and interesting structure. The design is timeless and adapts nicely to most interior styles.

The knob has a diameter of 10 mm, and a depth of 33 mm.

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Spike handle

Sometimes choosing the perfect grip isn’t as easy as it may seem. It is necessary to pay attention not only to the aesthetical but also the functional side of the handle, so that it’s an addition to the whole of the interior. At Noremax, we offer timeless, modern, classic and above all, universal handles in a wide range of finishes and designs.

Classic and elegant Spike handle

Similar to our Gold handle but with different dimensions, the Spike handle is slightly smaller. Available in three different finishes – brass, matte black and a stainless steel look, to give our clients the possibility to match it any room and furniture.

The design of the Spike handle reassembles an old school radio know and it will certainly provide your furniture with an interesting look. Another interesting element of the handle is the structure and its ribbed surface. The knob has a diameter of 10 mm and a depth of 33 mm and the ribbed surface give the handle an easy and user-friendly grip. The popular design is perfect for use in modern and contemporary interiors and it works well in any room and at any furniture.

With the textured surface, it is very comfortable, despite its small size. Our beautiful Spike handle will give cabinets a classical elegance, but also a modern charm. However, we do not recommend installing this handle onto drawers or heavy fronts and doors.

Briefly describing, it is a sleek furniture knob radiating of raw and elegant industrialism.

The benefits of installing the Spike handle

The primary benefit from installing the Spike handle is simply the new and fresh look of the room or furniture. The result is reached quick an easy without any unnecessary hassle and renovation messes. Installation doesn’t require any specialist experience, any one can do it! You simple screw the knob on the front in the desired position and you have succeeded to transform the aesthics of a room or furniture in seconds.

The Spike handle is easy to clean and polish and can be kept impeccable from the moment of installation and years to come. For our clients, we have also prepared principles of care guide that will help with maintenance of the products so that they will last even longer.

To meet our customer expectations we offer sophisticated handles for furniture at competitive prices. Although the prices are affordable, we don’t compromise with quality of the products. We want each of our clients to be able to purchase as many handles as they need to create a space they want to call home. Because, as you know – these small and inexpensive furniture elements can completely change the appearance of an entire room in a few moments.

If you would like more information about Spike handle, prices or shipping – our experienced and qualified team is eager to help and provide you with the information you need. Furthermore, if you need guidance on what design is currently trendy or are seeking inspiration, we encourage you to read our blog articles. There you will surely find inspiration as well as tips and tricks on how to reach the interior of your dreams.

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