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TOUCH is an ingenious solution for those who have handleless cabinets and drawers. It eliminates the problem of grease marks after fingerprints.
Comes with double-sided tape for easy installation without drilling.

Length 50 mm, width 30 mm, height 3.5 mm.

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Touch Handle

Smooth, uniform and handle-free cabinets and drawers are characteristics of modern-style interiors. However, the handle-lessness comes with a disadvantage. The fronts are frequently touched and in kitchens, this means that greasy fingers often leave visible marks on the fronts. If you are a fan of modern design but still think greasy stains are a big inconvenience, we suggest investing in the handle Touch.

A perfectly designed handle for any room

The touch handle is designed with perfect dimensions of 50 mm length, 30 mm width and 3,5 mm thickness. The design comes in several finishes and ensures easy match with different furniture. As the design is versatile, it suits both modern and classic interiors as well as all different kind of rooms. The available finishes are brushed anthracite, brushed black, brushed brass and a stainless-steel look. As a result, the handle will merge into the style of virtually any interior.

The design of this handle makes the usage very easy and comfortable. Installation is made by a very secure sticker and then the push disc is place on the surface of the front. The ribbes surface is both a decorative statement as well as a functional element as it is non-slippery and also doesn’t showcase grease stains very easily.

An easy installation of Touch handle

A beautiful, modern and interesting character will be added to your interior if you decide to invest in the Touch disc. Installation litteraly takes a few seconds and everything you need is included when you purchase the Touch handle. The handle is equipped with a sturdy tape which attaches the disc to the front. The design is simple and elegant, and it is the perfect solution if you are tired of cleaning off greasy fingerprints from your push/open kitchen cabinets. Simply tape the handle to the desired position of the front, push to open and enjoy the new, greaseless and original look of your kitchen!

Is the Touch handle worth the investment?

We make every effort to ensure that our handles meet the customers’ tastes and expectations. We also believe that it is important to provide quality products to affordable prices, to make sure that everyone can afford to live in a home where they feel proud and comfortable. Hence, we offer carefully designed and selected high quality product to market competitive prices. To make sure that the products last even longer and stays in pristine condition, we have prepared a care guide just for you. However, maintenance is just as easy as installation and all you need is mild soap and a damp cloth.

For more information on installation, care instructions, price or shipping – please get in touch with us. Our experienced and kind team will be happy to answer your questions and if you are looking for inspiration of what handle to match with your furniture or what colour to paint your kitchen cabinets in, check out our blog that is filled with inspirational articles.

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