IKEA Pax wardrobe doors

Every owner of IKEA Pax wardrobe will surely agree with the statement that they are unique and modern IKEA furniture that perfectly match to the decor of an elegant living room or bedroom. Modern IKEA Pax wardrobe has an internal structure that allows any placement of shelves and rails in such a way that IKEA Pax wardrobe is the most functional wardrobe. Tools such as IKEA Pax Planner help to design the interior of IKEA Pax wardrobe. But a modern wardrobe is not only convenient to use, but also provides a unique look, which is mainly provided by IKEA Pax wardrobe doors enriched with stylish models of knobs and handles. IKEA Pax wardrobe, offered by IKEA Pax Planner, can be even more interesting if we replace the IKEA doors with non-standard fronts offered by the Noremax company. The personalized IKEA Pax wardrobe will give your space a unique character. Replacing the knobs and handles will further enhance that effect.

New IKEA Pax wardrobe doors

Although IKEA Pax wardrobe doors give you great possibilities to match furniture to the interior design, we give you even greater options. We will prepare for you a high quality IKEA Pax wardrobe door replacement that will look the way you want. We can create IKEA Pax wardrobe doors with the colour, texture and type of gloss that you will choose. Our doors can also be equipped with our stylish knobs and handles. If IKEA doors in your IKEA Pax wardrobe already have traces of wear or you just stopped enjoying them, you’ve just found an easy and quick way to replace them. It’s up to you whether you want to use this opportunity to create wardrobe doors that will be absolutely unique and perfectly suited to your interior. If, in addition to IKEA doors, you also need to replace the side panels, we can also help. Also remember that the side panels can be perfectly used as shelves inside IKEA Pax wardrobe too if customized.

IKEA Pax wardrobe – Basic

Among the various replacement designs we offer for wardrobe doors, the Basic collection deserves special recognition. This is one of the simplest, most classic IKEA doors designs, but this does not mean that it is not very interesting. Traditional IKEA Pax wardrobe doors is are a perfect proposition for literally any style of interior design. The bright colour of IKEA doors will introduce the optical impression of enlarging the space, although if you want, we can make IKEA Pax wardrobe door replacements also in a different colour. The minimalism of this construction can be perfectly complemented by stylish knobs and handles, which we can also prepare for you.

Circle Style

Our Circle line are an interesting proposition for combined wardrobes, which are to be both roomy and not noticeable. IKEA doors in this form will allow you to create a feature wall that your eyes will enjoy every day. The bright colours of these IKEA Pax wardrobe door replacements will further enhance this visual effect. The name of these doors comes from their characteristic round handle. Thanks to the fact that the knobs and handles are not required for this product, these replacements doors blend in even better with the interior design.

Nordic style

When creating replacements for IKEA Pax wardrobe doors from the Nordic series, we thought that instead of traditional white colours you might like the cool tones inspired by the natural landscape. The Nordic fronts for IKEA doors are clean and stylish. In addition, we used them in a slightly different texture than in other IKEA doors replacements. The material of these IKEA Pax wardrobe doors is eye pleasing, thanks to MDF covered with ash veneer. If your interior design is based on darker colours, these contrasting IKEA Pax wardrobe door replacements will blend in perfectly. You can easily match most of our knobs and handles with them and IKEA Pax Planner will help you to plan the most convenient layout of the wardrobe interior.

IKEA Pax wardrobe – Classic Max

IKEA Pax wardrobe doors from the Classic Max series are for those who are looking for furniture with a distinctive character. It is not without reason that we presented this model of IKEA doors in a dark colour, although of course you can order these IKEA doors in a different hues. IKEA Pax wardrobe fronts are also characterized by greater thickness and a different texture compared to most of the IKEA Pax wardrobe door replacements we offer. The Classic Max series was made of ash veneer, while the frame on the front is made of ash wood. We also have many stylish knobs and handles that in combination with these IKEA doors replacements will give your furniture even more elegance.

How to choose new IKEA Pax wardrobe doors?

We realize that choosing the texture, colour and type of gloss for doors, as well as knobs and handles that will match the IKEA doors style, can be difficult. However, we do not leave you alone with this problem. Remember that you can always count on our advice on choosing IKEA Pax wardrobe door replacements that will be the best for your interior. You can also take advantage of our experience in choosing the best matching knobs and handles for your particular IKEA doors replacement. If you do not want to contact us directly, you can use our interior design tips, which are posted in our blog.

Wardrobe doors with delivery

You will receive replacement IKEA doors, knobs and handles shipped within a maximum of 6-8 weeks from the day your payment has been received. Wardrobe doors with delivery guarantee convenient reception of customized fronts. Installation of replacements for IKEA Pax wardrobe doors is not complicated, but you can also count on our tips if needed.

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