IKEA kitchen door sizes

IKEA offers a wide range of different sizes of kitchen cabinets – from top cabinets that can accommodate a refrigerator or freezer to small wall cabinets or corner base cabinets. This is a huge advantage of the IKEA range, as it allows the customer to design his kitchen in whatever way he wants. Intelligent planning, ideally with an IKEA planner, will make it easy to achieve a “tailor-made kitchen” effect.

However, a well-planned and functional kitchen arrangement is not everything. Equally important is a design that is attractive and fits well into the style of the whole flat and is in line with the owner’s preferences. That’s all offers Noremax – five unique and original IKEA replacement kitchen doors that can suit every taste. You can choose from classic, modern, bamboo, Nordic, or even futuristic designs. What’s more, they can be in any colour and chosen finish. The customer has complete freedom. Of course, Noremax fronts are fully compatible with IKEA’s kitchen door sizes. With Noremax, the door assembly system is the same as in the case of the IKEA fronts. What’s more, Noremax has in mind also Faktum system kitchen owners – a separate offer awaits them too. Noremax also has a wide range of knobs and handles, which add a special touch. All in all, this creates unique opportunities to benefit from the greatest advantages of both companies.

IKEA kitchen door sizes – top

Looking at the kitchen design from the top, Noremax offers several fully compatible with IKEA kitchen door sizes. First, there’s the standard 60 cm high size. It is available in three width variants – 80, 60, and 40 cm. The same applies to 40 cm high fronts. The higher (80 cm) doors for IKEA’s top cabinets are available in four sizes of width: 80, 60, 40, and 20 cm. All of them are suitable for 37 cm deep IKEA top cabinets.

What is more, Noremax also offers top cabinet fronts that are 40 cm high and 60 cm wide. They are designed to be placed over the fridge or freezer. The company also offers IKEA corner wall cabinets fronts. There are two sizes available here – 60 or 80 cm high.

…and base

With IKEA base cabinets, Noremax has even more options. In this case, obviously in line with IKEA kitchen door sizes, all fronts are 80 cm high. The differences, naturally, apply to the width and depth of the doors, in the same way as with IKEA kitchen unit doors. Starting from standard sizes, Noremax offers door 80 x 60 cm size. This is compatible with 60 and 37 cm deep IKEA cabinets. In this case, a lower version (60 cm) is also available so there is room for a drawer. Of course, narrower base cabinets doors are also available. Noremax produces fronts of both 40 and 20 cm width. It is also possible to order wider 80 cm doors. Furthermore, as with wall cabinets, Noremax also has door sizes for IKEA kitchen corner base cabinets.

IKEA kitchen door sizes matters

Noremax also offers “strategic” fronts – dedicated to high cabinets that usually contain a refrigerator, freezer, or oven. In this case, two height sizes are available – 200 and 220 cm. The higher version is available in two options. In the first one, the width is 60 cm and in the second 40 cm. In both cases, the fronts are suited to a depth of 60 cm.

There are more possibilities for a lower, more standard model. For a cabinet depth of 37 cm, customers can choose doors of 40, 60, or 80 cm width. The deeper version (60 cm) gives the possibility of matching the 40 or 60 cm front.

All this makes the IKEA replacement kitchen doors offered by Noremax not only a great deal for those who are planning and fitting out their kitchen with IKEA. It’s also ideal for IKEA cabinets owners, including the Faktum system, but plan to revamp their kitchen. You could say that IKEA and Noremax are the perfect couple and complement each other.

But how to measure all this right?

As you can see, there are plenty of options, so it is crucial to make optimal use of the existing possibilities so that the designed kitchen furniture can accommodate as many appliances and equipment as possible in minimal space.

It is worth starting from scratch the whole concept. For a functional kitchen, you need to look at the workflow, determine the amount of storage space you need, and ensure your comfort of movement. So, it is best to divide the kitchen into zones: stock and storage, washing, preparation, and at the end of cooking/baking. It is good to place these zones next to each other, in the order presented, to optimize the whole process of meal preparation. In this case, there is no need to follow different fashions – the kitchen arrangement should be functional and adapted to the size and needs of the family or household. After all, this is the workplace! The classic formula is to plan the fridge space at the very beginning. Then the kitchen design should include a place for storing food, then a sink, a work area (for cooking and washing), and a cooker, behind which we should also provide a piece of countertop for putting away the pots and pans. This is a logical and convenient approach. Of course, it is worth thinking about possible modifications, if you have a kitchen island.

When starting the planning work, you should measure the entire kitchen precisely and use Noremax/IKEA kitchen door sizes when planning. This will make it easier to arrange all the equipment and cabinets. For aesthetic reasons, it is also worth trying to make sure that the top cabinets directly above the base cabinets are the same size. This will create the effect of symmetry, which is very desirable in the kitchen.

To achieve all this, it is much easier to use the IKEA planner to find the optimum composition of furniture and equipment and to plan your workspace in a few moments. The in-store consultants will also be happy to help and give you valuable tips on the optimal kitchen arrangement and IKEA kitchen cabinets and door sizes. Just let Noremax take care of the look of your kitchen.

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