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Please note that only one quote is provided per client.
It is also important that each client has the following material prepared:

1. Completed floor plan and drawings from IKEA with added fronts indicating right or left-hand hinges. (link to Ikea planner).

2. for faktum: If no drawings are available, a simple sketch or a list with the dimensions of the fronts (width x height) can be sent. It would be an advantage to include a picture of the existing kitchen.

3. desired design and surface treatment including gloss level.

We would like to point out that quotation will also consider the opening direction of the doors (on which side they are fixed) and whether the side panels reach up to the plinth or down to the floor (length 80/88cm). Please therefore pay attention to the elements entered in the model and add this data if it is missing.

If you would like quotes for multiple designs, you can easily use the quote sent as a template and try different collections and combinations on our website.

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