• IKEA drawer fronts and cabinet doors

    IKEA drawer fronts and cabinet doors

    When you create a new design for your kitchen, there are a few ways to improve the furniture set. One of the less expensive and more creative is to replace furniture fronts. You can change IKEA drawer fronts and doors for your cabinet without replacing the entire set. It is not only cheaper, but a …

  • IKEA Bestå door fronts

    IKEA Bestå door fronts

    Bestå is a storage system for IKEA that allows you to build modular cabinets and secure them by attaching them to the wall. You can use it in your kitchen or any other room. On the Noremax website, you will find many different styles and colours you can use to replace your IKEA Bestå door …

  • Customize your IKEA cabinets

    Customize your IKEA cabinets

    IKEA allows customers to create the best fitting furniture. Using Noremax furniture parts, you can further customize IKEA cabinets or wardrobes. Replace doors and drawer fronts with another material and colour to make your kitchen set look different and original. Changing seasons, changing fronts Seasons come and go, and so fashions and trends change. Every …

  • Custom Pax doors

    Custom Pax doors

    Interior design doesn’t have to be limited to rich people only. Everyone can create a space that is pleasant to live in. This should also be applied to standard rooms, like the hall or living room where we invite guests. But a beautiful surrounding is important for the residents as well. Custom Pax doors for …

  • Best IKEA cabinet fronts

    Best IKEA cabinet fronts

    To improve your kitchen, you can buy new furniture or just replace some of its elements. With Noremax you can choose the best IKEA cabinet fronts and other replacements, like furniture legs and handles. A renovation using furniture elements is an easy and inexpensive way to change your old, boring kitchen into something new. New …

  • IKEA kitchen cabinet fronts

    IKEA kitchen cabinet fronts

    To create a perfect kitchen, one must always take appearance and functionality into account. First of all, the kitchen should be convenient for those who use it. After you plan the arrangement of the furniture set, you can focus on aesthetics. There are many different IKEA kitchen cabinet fronts to improve the look of the …

  • Classical elegance with IKEA black cabinet doors

    Classical elegance with IKEA black cabinet doors

    Black as a colour for furniture can be risky. It is used in offices and sometimes in living rooms, but you have to be a little bit adventurous to put it in the kitchen. With IKEA black cabinet doors, you can try to rethink and rearrange your room or kitchen. Check these examples of black …

  • Cabinet doors with metal insert

    Cabinet doors with metal insert

    IKEA furniture is popular for a reason. It joins modernity with tradition using simple features. You can design every interior using IKEA furniture or their replacements. One of the more interesting options is mesh doors instead of plain surfaces or glass. The cabinet door with a metal insert is stronger, more durable, and they look …

  • Fronts for IKEA cabinets

    Fronts for IKEA cabinets

    If you have IKEA furniture, you might be familiar with the modular character of their products. Most parts that make up the furniture can be customized to fit your interior. To further customize its appearance and functionality, you can order replacement fronts for IKEA cabinets. Save time and money by focusing on the most visible …

  • IKEA Bestå custom doors

    IKEA Bestå custom doors

    A beautiful interior is not only something to show your guests and neighbours. It is also a way to make you feel better. Unfortunately, even the best furniture warns out, breaks or can just become boring. One way to do something about it is to buy IKEA Bestå custom doors and replace the old ones. …

  • Custom IKEA kitchen doors

    Custom IKEA kitchen doors

    Before you order new furniture for your kitchen, it’s worth considering other options. Replacing the entire set is an expensive, time-consuming project. But there is a way to change your kitchens appearance without spending too much money. You can design custom IKEA kitchen doors using furniture elements and features provided by Noremax. Your version of …

  • Custom doors for IKEA cabinets

    Custom doors for IKEA cabinets

    Customization of furniture can help you create an ideal interior. You don’t have to replace the entire set to change the design. Here are some tips and images of custom doors for IKEA cabinets. This is a more affordable and creative way to change the look of your interior. How to create custom doors for …

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