• Injecting Colour Into Your Kitchen Interior

    Whether you’re revamping your kitchen or modernising your traditional interior, injecting colour is a perfect and easy way to lighten up your kitchen. So, how can this be achieved? We have put together a number of ways that you can add colour into your kitchen interior for the most effective results, below. Colour Trends And …

  • Top Tips For Enhancing Your Kitchen Space In 2020

    As we enter the new decade, what better time to make the most of your kitchen space by enhancing it? At Noremax, we have many kitchen design ideas and top tips to help you increase the space in your kitchen in 2020, so you can make your dream kitchen a reality. From colourful metod kitchen …

  • Why Should You Buy Noremax Products?

    As you may not know, before we were known as Noremax, we were called “Norsk Kjøkken Produksjon” and started operations in 2011 in Norway. We were involved in the production of kitchens from A-Z. They were mainly customized kitchens, often also for a number of well-known architects projects. We also sold kitchen counters, home appliances, …

  • Image of kitchen surface

    5 Things I Learnt When Redesigning My Kitchen Space

    Redesigning my kitchen space was an entirely new experience for me. Not only were there several decisions to make such as the colour theme and placement of appliances, but we also had to consider smaller, more intricate, elements such as handles. Now that the process is finally complete, I would like to share what I …

  • NCS colour scheme

    How To Choose The Perfect Colour For Your Interior Design?

    What Is The National Colour System? Picking the perfect colour theme for your kitchen is not only dependant on the amount of natural light in the room, but the colour of the walls, too. The National Colour System (NCS) is a chart of over 1950 colours of all different tones available to you when choosing …

  • Image of a living room

    5 Common Mistakes When It Comes To Interior Design

    We’re all guilty of wanting the very best for our home and even sometimes getting carried away with what is on offer and overfilling each room and while making mistakes is all part of the interior design process, some can be easily avoided. Being aware of these mistakes, however, is the perfect way to make …

  • Image of bamboo kitchen

    Make Your House A Home With Eco-Friendly Bamboo Décor

    It‘s difficult to say what is right or wrong when decorating your home, but for me, it’s important that everything works coherently together. When I began to look at the different ways I could modernise my home, there were several finishes that caught my attention – but none quite like the natural finish of bamboo. …

  • Wardrobe placed in bedroom

    How To Utilise Your Space With Pax Wardrobes

    Space saving designs are perfect for a home of any size, helping to make the smallest of rooms appear much larger. Whether you are a first-time homeowner or are just looking to refresh your home with some new interior design, Pax wardrobes are a step in the right direction and we’re exploring just why, below. …

  • New Kitchen Design

    Interior Design Tips To Refresh The Look Of Your Kitchen

    Creating your dream home can often be a lengthy process – especially when it comes to the kitchen – and, with a number of elements to consider including walkways, countertops and landing space, it’s easy to disregard design and functionality. Whether you have recently moved home or simply want to update your kitchen, we’ve got …

  • Debunked Decorating Rules

    There are the written and unwritten rules to interior design. We adhere to them without fully understanding what they even are. At Noremax, we want to encourage you to be brave and to challenge what you think is normal or standard for a room. Have a look at our list of old-school rules that were …

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