Processing of personal data

Here, we explain how we process your personal data. We also explain how it is ensured that your personal data is processed in a responsible manner and in accordance with applicable data protection legislation. It is important for us to know what information we receive about you and to make sure that your privacy is taken care of by us. Below is an explanation of how and why we collect data about our customers and for what purpose we use this information.

Why do we collect information?

The information collected about you will be used to respond to your enquiry. This may be to:
·         Contact you in regards to sales or the purchase of products.
·         Send you relevant news based on your wishes and needs.
·         Provide you with relevant offers, price offers, and custom content in the form of newsletters and marketing on other channels and ad networks.
·         Improve website functionality, user experience and content.
·         Perform profiling, which is an automated processing of personal data to analyse preferences, interests and behaviours.

What personal information is collected?

We collect information that you choose to share with us. This information is collected when you fill in and submit forms, for example, contact forms, newsletter sign up, customer surveys, or when you initially register with us.
This information may include your name, address, post code, town/city/region, e-mail address, phone number, comments, etc. We then use this information to process and respond to your enquiry.


When you visit our website, we register information about you in the form of a cookie, or in some cases, your IP address.

A cookie is a small text file that many websites use to recognise your PC from time to time. A cookie is a passive file and will not be able to spread viruses or other malware. The following information is sent to Noremax via cookies when you visit Noremax’s website:
·         Which pages have you visited and when
·         Which browser you are using
·         Which screen resolution you have
·         Which operating system you have
·         Which website you visited immediately before ours
·         Which IP address you have
We use the information in connection with the development of operations and to prepare statistics, which are used to improve our website. Data from cookies is anonymous and cannot be used to identify you as a person.

Do I have to provide this information? 

When you visit our website, you will be given the opportunity to approve or reject the use of cookies. Please note: without cookies you may not be able to use all features on the website. You can always reject the use of cookies on your PC by selecting the appropriate settings in your browser.

To remove yourself against the use of cookies, you must change the security settings in your browser. If you want to learn more about how to handle cookies in the most common browsers, read more about this subject here:
·         Microsoft Internet Explorer
·         Google Chrome
·         Mozilla Firefox
·         Safari
It is optional for those who visit the website to provide personal information regarding services. These include whether you’d like to receive newsletters, add products to your shopping cart, etc. In these cases, the basis of treatment is agreed with you. You are always entitled to withdraw this consent, at any time.

Is the information passed to a third party?

We use subcontractors to check web pages, databases, email extensions, analyse website traffic. This is to ensure good stability and technical performance across the site. It also provides you with a better user experience on our website. In our communication with you on other channels, we use cookies issued by third parties.


We use a range of Google’s services, including Google Analytics and Google Webmaster. These help with site analysis and to deliver targeted advertising, ad insight and conversion metering, audience generation, and remarketing.

If you agree, this includes measuring technical information, analytical data, ad settings, page history for the website, and ads you’ve clicked on, for example. Any IP addresses will be anonymised for privacy protection as early as possible in the process.

This allows us to merge analysis data with marketing data. Google may link this up with any other data they are using. They may use this information to customise and optimise what ads you see on Google and in the Google ad network.

Your name, other personally identifiable information or sensitive details will not be linked without your consent.

The information collected by Google can be stored on Google servers, including in the United States. The information received is subject to the Google Privacy Policy:
You can read more and check how Google detects your behavioural pattern here:
You can read more and check Google’s use of ad cookies here:
Google has also created a tool for most browsers to disable analytics functionality which can be found here:

Google Tag Manager

We use Google Tag Manager for easy management of the script we use on the website.


We use Facebook’s services (including Pixel, Analytics, Remarketing, and Custom Audience) for site analysis and to deliver targeted advertising on Facebook, ad views and conversion metrics, audience generation, and remarketing.

The information can be uploaded to Facebook in connection with audience generation for relevant marketing and sales campaigns from us. All are in accordance with Facebook’s functionality and routines for secure and confidential upload, processing, generalization and deletion. If you agree to this, a script from Facebook will be activated and cookies will be stored in your browser to measure, among other things, technical information, analytical data, ad settings, page history for the website, as well as ads you’ve clicked on and so on.

The information collected by Facebook can be stored on Facebook’s servers, including in the United States.
You can read more and check your tracking and ad settings on Facebook at and
You can read more about Facebook’s Custom Audiences here:
Read more about Facebook’s processing of personal data here: Facebook’s Data Protection Policy:
Facebook’s cookie policy:

How do we secure your information?

In terms of communication and storage, we work in accordance with established standards and practices for security. This includes using SSL encryption where supported, as well as using only qualified subcontractors that comply with our security requirements. Furthermore, we enter into data processing agreements where this is necessary.

We shall use all reasonable precautions to ensure that our employees, data service providers and third parties who have access to information about you have sufficient information to ensure that they only process this information in accordance with this Statement and our obligations under the Privacy Policy.

If a (possible) breach of the privacy rules is detected, the person who reveals non-conformity will report to our management and privacy officers. They will also report to the corresponding personnel at the clients / customers end and inform any affected persons with information about the breach. Measures will be taken immediately.

If you wish to access, correct or delete your personal information, contact us at [email protected]
Please note: If we change our Privacy Statement, we will post the revised edition here with an updated revision date.
Last updated: July 29, 2019

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