Faktum kitchen doors: Revitalise your kitchen with good taste

As much as we may like our kitchen decor, it goes without saying that with time it can get worn out. Not only does the furniture lose its fresh looks and colours, but also the new trends in interior design tempt us to try out new styles.

Here at Noremax, we believe that those two things can be compromised. You don’t have to get rid of your old and trusted IKEA furniture to experience the whole new look on it! Our method is very simple and affordable. Did we get your attention?

Please, stay with us and meet the replaceable Faktum kitchen doors, that can completely revitalise your kitchen design!

The simple magic of Faktum kitchen doors

Noremax is a Norwegian company that values the creativity that lies in the mind of each of us. We make every effort to incorporate the most popular trends into our projects, but always keeping the IKEA aesthetics in mind. We help you create the projects that can replace the IKEA kitchen door fronts with a great style.

The whole process is fairly simple. Noremax is a solution that allows you to replace the old IKEA kitchen fronts with the new ones that can bring a special touch to your room. You can browse through our Faktum kitchen doors and choose the ones that fit best your taste. But that’s not all!
The main reason why Noremax IKEA Faktum doors are so special is the fact, that you can freely decide on their colour, size and handle types. You create a unique and functional piece of furniture that best fits your lifestyle’s requirements. What’s important here is that you don’t have to purchase new equipment, because only the fronts are being replaced.

Bespoke Faktum kitchen doors are the solution that saves money, but also serves the environment and reduces wastes.

Faktum kitchen doors: the most popular trends

Which Faktum kitchen doors look best in any living space? Of course, it mostly depends on personal taste. But here at Noremax, we try to come up with universal designs that can easily fit most of the classic and modern kitchen decor. You can always adjust the colour using NCS colour system, Jotun or Farrow&Ball colour code to add a personal touch to the furniture designed for your own space.

Below we would like to present the most popular Faktum kitchen doors chosen by our customers. We hope you get inspired to start the change today!

Basic style: beauty lies within simplicity

The straight lines and simple rectangular shapes are what makes this design very calming. You can easily adapt the Basic style kitchen fronts to any decor that is already present in your room. The discreet handles add up to the clean and organised look that this furniture brings to the kitchen. Now the preparation of meals can get much easier and more pleasant!

Circle style: unique details that catch the eye

The minimalism is the most important trend in the home design right now, but it doesn’t mean that your furniture shouldn’t get creative! Circle style brings a calm and organised look to your kitchen but also a unique touch due to the circular opening system. You can experiment with the colour of this project to make it either calm and classy or a bit more exotic. For instance, with the turquoise shade, those pieces of furniture can bring a unique marine-style to any kitchen!

Classic & Classic Max style: timeless elegance for your kitchen

Classic is the style that reminds us of everything we love about IKEA Faktum kitchen doors. The simple rectangular shapes and wooden texture is what makes this design timeless. It looks elegant in almost any kitchen decor, as it is simple and classy. By choosing the right colour code, you can make it fit to even most modern projects.

Nordic style: trendy and rustic getaway in your own house

Nordic style is everything that brings the sensation of living close to nature and exploring the wilds. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to make a trip to the small village in the Scandinavian mountains! The reason why millions of people love this home design trend is that it feels like home and helps to create a stronger bond with ourselves. Nordic style is perfect for creating a friendly and calming space that invites you to wind up after a tough day of work. Your kitchen might surely need it!

Elegance style: a traditional look revamped with a unique opening system

Kitchen is a room where we spent a lot of time during our day, especially if we have a family. In that case, it’s especially important to make this space more inviting. Elegance style can help you with creating a sense of a friendly space where you can fully relax. The whole design looks classy but the modern opening system catches the eye and adds up to the uniqueness of the whole project. With the right colour option, you can either make this style warm and romantic or elegant and minimalist.

Choose the project best for your needs

As much as you can get creative with the Faktum kitchen doors, it is also worth remembering that with Noremax solution you can build purpose-designed pieces of furniture. It means that not only do they match your style and are aesthetically pleasing but also serve with their highest functionality. You can adjust the size of fronts if needed (for an additional charge), so they are perfectly fitted to the old furniture and the dimensions of your room.
Please, do not hesitate to contact our experts to help you with creating your project. We are happy to advise you on choosing the best Noremax solutions for your interior. With our help, you can decide on the best colour, furniture sizes and the number of pieces.

Our fronts are delivered straight to your doors where it is installed on your old IKEA furniture. The shipment takes usually up to six weeks.

Choose Noremax and start renovating today!

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