IKEA kitchen cabinet doors – Smart beauty thanks to Noremax

The kitchen is a specific room in the flat, where, like nowhere else, practical and wise design and aesthetic appearance are important. It is largely focused on the proper design, arrangement and fitting of the kitchen cabinets to the kitchen space, as well as planning them inside so that all accessories, tableware and utensils can be stored and easily accessible. The whole carefully thought-out concept is crowned with IKEA kitchen cabinet doors, which will have a decisive impact on the aesthetic perception of the kitchen. It must be not only comfortable to use but also look good. Cooking in a place that we don’t like simply doesn’t give us that much pleasure.

Therefore, when planning a kitchen, it is best to combine the greatest benefits of IKEA and Noremax. Flexibility, smart and clever simplicity and convenience are what people around the world love about IKEA solutions for. This can be seen especially in IKEA kitchen cabinets, which offer a lot of well-thought-out solutions of inside thinking. At the same time, Noremax has developed a high-quality, aesthetically pleasing and customer-focused kitchen fronts, which is the most important factor in the final look of kitchen cabinets.

The customer decides on the design of the IKEA kitchen cabinet door

Noremax range dedicated to the Metod IKEA system consists of four collections – Standard, Bamboo+, Nordic+ and Mesh. They include a total of 18 different kitchen fronts models. Almost all of them can be painted in practically any colour – simply provide Noremax consultants with the Natural Colour System or Farrow&Ball or Jotun colour code of your choice, and the company will take care of the rest. Besides, Noremax customers can choose a type of gloss, which also significantly affects the colour itself. There are three options – matte, satin or semi-gloss.

One of designs in our standard collection offers high-quality kitchen cabinet doors made of MDF. The primary model is Basic, which gives great possibilities thanks to its simple and smooth design, so depending on the colour and gloss used, the character of these kitchen fronts will be decided by the customer. The Circle model, in turn, introduces one additional element to Basic – subtle, circular handle, which is an excellent proposal for people who do not want to use push to open system or classic handles. The Classic, Classic Max and Classic Style models offer different types of frames, which make the customers have a choice of different variants of classic, never ageing and always good-looking kitchen cabinet doors. The Instyle and Elegance models, on the other hand, stand out with their functional, elegant and discreet moulded finger pulls. The Nordic model, thanks to the use of ash veneer, resembles the natural texture of the wood, which is a popular choice for many.

Nordic+ is a collection developing the concept of the Nordic model in the Standard range. The difference is that the models are made of birch plywood, with ash or oak veneer on the outer layer. It is, therefore, a higher quality product for more demanding customers who appreciate the beauty of nature and wood. Here you can also use any colour and one of three types of finish. The following door models are available within the Nordic+ collection are Basic, Circle, Elegance and Instyle.

The Mesh collection, is distinguished by the use of perforated metal instead of MDF in the centre of the front. This bold solution will allow the kitchen to stand out by offering a unique design. It is an ideal proposal for lovers of industrial interiors and the use of metal elements in decorating. The Mesh collection includes three models – Classic, Classic Max and Classic Style. Depending on the chosen model, the layout and design of the frame are the same as in Standard collection. As in the case of Standard collection, the customer can choose any colour and one of the three available finishes. Therefore, the combination of virtually endless possibilities of colour selection of frame and perforated metal can give a truly exceptional effect.

The Bamboo+ collection, as the name suggests, is distinguished by the fact that the kitchen cabinet doors are made of very high-quality Moso bamboo. It is perfectly suited for use in the kitchen due to its durability for various temperatures and moisture. It is, therefore, a guarantee that the fronts made of bamboo will serve for many years. Moreover, they are unique because of their look – natural colour and texture make them well suited for a modern kitchen, Scandinavian style as well as the industrial interior. The Bamboo+ collection includes two models of kitchen cabinet doors – Instyle and Ontime. Customers choosing one of them can choose natural or caramel colour. Matte finish is used for these Ikea kitchen cabinet doors.

IKEA kitchen cabinet doors – rescue for IKEA Faktum owners

Noremax offers products dedicated not only to the Metod IKEA system. It is also available to owners of the IKEA Faktum system that was withdrawn from the market in 2013. It’s a great solution for them, especially since they haven’t been able to count on IKEA support for a few years now. As a result, they haven’t been able to buy individual IKEA kitchen cabinet doors or other elements, in case they’re damaged, worn out or customers simply want to refresh or change the kitchen design. As a result, many IKEA Faktum users had a vision of having to do a major kitchen renovation, which is difficult, inconvenient and expensive. With Noremax, you can easily handle this problem – just replace the kitchen fronts for a completely new, fresh effect.

Noremax has seven collections for IKEA Faktum owners. Just like for Metod IKEA users, these are Basic, Circle, Classic, Elegance, Instyle, Nordic and Ontime. They share exactly the same design and materials – but are only fully compatible with the IKEA Faktum system. These kitchen fronts can also be in any colour, and you can choose from three finishes.

For new users

Noremax not only creates its solutions for owners of kitchens furnished at IKEA but also for those who are planning to do so. As standard, you just rely on an IKEA consultant to complete the order. In the end, simply remove the IKEA kitchen cabinet doors or knobs and handles from your shopping list – these products can be freely designed with Noremax. Using both companies will give you a great kitchen that retains its functionality and smart solutions, and will gain a unique look that matches your expectations and wishes. That’s why when designing a kitchen it’s worth to think about technical issues and its arrangement, and its visual aspect at the same time.

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