Make IKEA kitchen fronts great again

Furnishing a flat is a long and responsible process – after all, we decide on our living surroundings. If you carry out the renovation yourself, without the support of a professional interior designer, it can be a real challenge to design the flat in such way to optimize the space, make it practical but also nice. No one wants to feel bad in their place. Home is also supposed to be a place where you can have a nice rest after work and spend time with friends. Renovation or generally – interior decoration can of course also be great fun. A lot of people recall with excitement the time when they decided on the choice of tiles, wall colours or furniture. Each of these elements is crucial and the final result must be satisfactory. Everyone also wants their flat to have character, to be “his/her own” and to reflect the owner’s personality and tastes well.

The same applies to the kitchen, which for many people, not only foodies, is the heart of the home. This is where social and family life often blooms in the evenings and weekends. By its very nature, the kitchen must be comfortable and practical, so many people choose to equip it at IKEA. It’s certainly a good choice because the IKEA range offers a wide variety of possibilities, is easy to assemble and offers modern solutions for the interior design of cabinets. But the aesthetic look of kitchen furniture is determined by doors. IKEA kitchen fronts offer limited possibilities. This makes the kitchen unlikely to look exceptional – after all, thousands of people have the same IKEA kitchen unit doors! Fortunately, this is no problem any more thanks to the possibility of merging smart IKEA features with the virtually endless visual possibilities that Noremax offers.

With Noremax you can replace IKEA kitchen fronts with designed by you doors of your dreams. Noremax is a true IKEA kitchen inspiration, which makes a standard kitchen a unique and one-of-a-kind place to cook and spend time with loved ones. Noremax offers brand-new kitchen fronts designs that are fully compatible with IKEA cabinets.

24 for reasons to chose Noremax

Noremax has five collections of doors for Metod kitchens that are fully compatible with IKEA kitchen fronts. The basic is the Standard collection, which offers 9 models that are ideally suited to IKEA kitchen unit doors. It includes smooth, classic fronts (with a distinctive frame) and handless solutions. These are options you won’t find in the IKEA kitchen fronts range.

One of Noremax’s hallmarks is the Nordic+ collection, which stands out for its birch plywood, with ash or oak veneer on the outer layer. This gives a beautiful effect and should appeal to all lovers of nature and rustic style.

Customers can also choose between fronts made of extremely durable and ecological bamboo collection. A unique position in Noremax’s offer is Mesh collection, which is characterized by centre made of perforated metal, which, depending on the chosen colour and finish, will work perfectly well in traditional as well as a modern, industrial kitchen.

A novelty in the Noremax offer is a collection made of linoleum. It is an ecological come back to the roots proving how centuries-old inventions can perfectly fit into modern trends. All this makes Noremax the perfect IKEA replacement kitchen doors.

IKEA kitchen fronts- Shine on you crazy diamond

Moreover, the customer can choose any colour and gloss. If the IKEA kitchen fronts are available in just a few colours, Noremax has no limits in this respect. All the customer has to do is choose the colour of their dream and find its code (compatible with the Natural Colour System, Farrow&Ball or Jotun). This alone gives you unique options. The only limitation is your imagination.

Besides, the customer can choose the finish from three variants – matte, satin or semi-gloss. This is extremely important because it has an impact on how a given colour looks in the final. Do we want it to shine slightly and reflect light or maybe a less flashy colour fits into your project? At Noremax you have a choice, and it always belongs to you. The exception is the new Linoleum collection, which offers 20 colours and only matte finish.

Beauty and the handy

Also, Noremax has its range of knobs and handles perfectly fitting to IKEA kitchen fronts or those ordered in Noremax. It is an extra feature in the market. Few people realize how much they can affect the look of doors (not just kitchen ones!). Well-fitting knobs or handles can be the perfect finale of the whole project highlighting the character and style of the cabinets. That is the true icing on the cake in furniture designing. Noremax offers more than 20 knobs and handles made of different materials (wood, metal, leather), so the customer has a broad choice. Besides, there is a possibility to choose a colour for selected models, which will allow you to perfectly match them to the front.

We think about all

Importantly, those who have equipped their kitchen with the IKEA Faktum system are also free to take advantage of Noremax’s options – the company has products with the same parameters as the IKEA Faktum doors, and are therefore fully compatible with this system, which has already been discontinued. This means that owners of the Faktum system do not have to replace all units to refresh their kitchen – just benefit from Noremax’ wide range! In this case, customers can choose from seven of the nine Standard Collection models (only Classic Style and Classic Max are not available). The possibilities for colour (and gloss) or knobs and handles are the same as for customers with IKEA METOD.

Perfect symbiosis – IKEA kitchen fronts

As you can see, Noremax proves that there is a simple and convenient way to create a unique kitchen based on IKEA solutions. By combining the advantages and potential of both companies, you get unlimited possibilities to design your dream kitchen at a reasonable price. Simply replace the IKEA kitchen fronts with your own designed doors at Noremax. It’s simple. It’s pleasant.

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