“A unique design of solid and natural material
that creates colour, shade and textural variations”

Fronts for IKEA wardrobe

Similar to Nordic, Nordic+ is made of natural materials, but this product series is made of birch plywood with an outer layer of oak or ash veneer.

A flexible design where you can choose a completely plain front like Basic or one of the 3 different handless designs: Instyle, Elegance and Circle.

All Nordic+ designs are made of plywood that gives both structure and variations: every front is unique due to the natural material it is made of!

Nordic+ fronts for IKEA wardrobe
Nordic+ kitchen fronts for IKEA

There are different ways to treat Nordic+ fronts, which depends on the style and the end result you are looking for.

To retain the natural wood colour, the product can be simply treated with only clear lacquer in preferred gloss ratio: semi-gloss (40%), satin (20%) or matte (10%).

If you want to keep the woodwork a natural colour but want it in another shade, it can be treated with stain that adds pigments, followed by clear lacquer on top for maintenance. The lacquer is done in the three different gloss levels.

Fronts for IKEA wardrobe
Kitchen Doors - Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Do you love the tree structure but not the colour?

Then spray painting in any colour from Jotun, NCS or Farrow & Ball will be a good option. These are also available in three different glosses that affect how much the structure will emerge.

Nordic+ can be combined with other designs too – maybe even without structure!

If you have wooden walls and floors in addition to wooden furniture, it can be a little heavy, especially if there are several different types of wood and shades. Therefore, it may be worth using top fronts in a different colour than the bottom fronts to break up the texture.

Nordic+ kitchen fronts for IKEA
Fronts for IKEA wardrobe

For example, choose our usual Circle design in MDF on the cabinet and Nordic+ Circle for the base cabinet. With this you get a design that creates a red thread, without compromising on the overall expression.

All fronts made of natural materials will have colour and shade differences and the structure will vary on each front too. So, which design will you choose?

Nordic+ design for IKEA frames

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