Plate is a classic stylish knob that fits all kinds of furniture, rooms and interior styles. Its circular shape and perfect size makes Plate a popular choice in many homes.

Diameter 42 mm, depth 24 mm.

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Plate handle

Anyone who has ever renovated a kitchen, or any room, at least once knows that it is not only associated with high costs, but also a mess. Therefore, if you want to touch up your apartment a quickly, cheaply and without making a mess, try replacing the handles of your furniture. This small decorative item can make a big difference in any room.

Versatile Plate handle

Our collection includes a beautiful and unique handle called Plate, which take its name from the plate-like shape. A fairly thin disc has been linked to a cylinder to create a simple yet functional knob. With its dimensions of 48 mm in diameter and 40 mm depth, this classic and stylish knob is comfortable to grab, making it easy to open and close kitchen cabinets, or any other piece of furniture. Furthermore, we provide several finishes for the handle to make sure that it matches all styles of furniture and interiors. The Plate handle is available in matte black, polished chrome, and brushed brass. Golden handles are timelessly decorative and looks especially good in kitchens designed with white fronts. Black on the other hand, is a very universal colour that will accentuate any furniture and work well in any interior. Finally, chrome is a never-ending trend that is discrete and doesn’t attract to much attention. It will, therefore, emphasize the aesthetics of any arrangement.

The handle is perfect for all kinds of furniture, room and interior style. So, whether you have a Faktum or Metod kitchen, wardrobe or sideboards – Plate handle is a great choice that will enhance your home in seconds.

Why is selecting our Plate handle a good decision?

Sometimes, choosing the right handle is a daunting task. You wonder if it will match with your interior, whether it will look overpowering or trite. At Normax you will find universal and original handles which, apart from having an original design, boast with functionality and user-friendliness.

An undeniable advantage, not only of the Plate handle but for all of our products, is easy installation. It takes just a few minutes to change your home and give it a completely new look. As if this isn’t enough, all of our products are easily maintained. All you need is water, soap, and a soft cloth. Handles are exposed to constant contact; we use them several times a day. Therefore, they require special care and if you want to clean your handles thoroughly, we have prepared a principle of care guide that will help you keep your handles clean and flawless for many years to come.

Noremax believes that everyone should afford to touch up their kitchens and homes every now and then, but that doesn’t mean that we save on quality. Therefore, we have elected a carefully selected collection of high-quality handles and products to a very affordable price.

Noremax also have a very service-minded and knowledgeable team which is eager to help. So, if you have any questions or concerns, regarding any of our products or our concept and business overall, please reach out. Noremax is always at your service.

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