Custom IKEA pax doors to refresh any interior design

Fading colours, changing texture and in general, corrupted appearance – we all have been there. Our furniture tends to lose its special looks after some time, but fortunately, there are several ways to refresh our living spaces without spending a lot of money. In this article, we want to introduce you to one of the most efficient ways to achieve it. Check out our most popular custom IKEA PAX doors!

Here in Noremax, we value not only your unique taste in decor but also any budget preferences. We don’t believe that it’s necessary to spend a lot of money or time to give a special touch to your interior. What’s important here, is to find the solutions that are both aesthetically pleasing and practical in daily use. We hope that our article can inspire you to give a completely new look for your IKEA furniture.

Custom IKEA PAX doors: simple but effective

IKEA furniture is a phenomenon in the home design that doesn’t need any introduction. We all value its modern and minimal looks that can easily adapt to any interior style. Our solution of replaceable fronts derives from a simple idea, that all furniture should be customizable for its owner. We present a wide variety of products, where you can find bespoke fronts for the old or new IKEA kitchen furniture. However, one of our customers’ favourite is IKEA wardrobe doors best fitted for your PAX furniture.

Why is it worth to try out our solutions?

We live in the era of ever-changing home design styles that we want to try out. So why not does it? Even the best home design gets older with time. Not only does the furniture wear out, but also our preferences evolve. When it comes to refreshing the interior, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we have to cut off our budget on the other things. Instead of buying the whole new furniture set, we can revamp the old ones to give them a unique look that we wouldn’t be able to find in most stores.

What’s more, we can personalise it according to our taste and lifestyle requirements. For instance, searching through our website, you can see quality wardrobe doors for PAX that you can adapt to any of the older equipment. Not only can you revitalise your furniture with these custom IKEA PAX doors, but also give them a completely new design that suits your taste better! And all of that by saving money and precious time.

How does it work?

You can choose Noremax fronts whether you own an old IKEA furniture or you have just ordered a new one. It doesn’t matter, because we present a long list of bespoke doors fitted to most of the IKEA furniture, including the withdrawn from production models.

The important thing here is that our fronts are customisable. You can choose from a variety of styles, colours, material and even handles type. In that manner, you can take part in the creative process of making your own furniture and achieve the final effect without any compromises! Still, it doesn’t require an advanced interior design set of skills. It’s a win-win situation!

Of course, you can also modify the fronts’ size if required for an additional cost. It is possible to purchase both or only one side of the custom IKEA PAX doors.

We make every effort to include interesting furniture designs on our site to inspire you in creating your unique projects. We are aware of the fact, that our customers’ favourite Noremax solution is revitalising their wardrobes, so for that reason, we encourage you to check our quality wardrobe doors for PAX that can help with a full revitalisation of your old furniture!

Custom IKEA PAX doors: revamp your wardrobes with the whole new style!

PAX wardrobes are a worldwide success. Due to their design, simplicity of use and easy maintenance, customers are choosing them every day. Could they get any better?

They can now, thanks to the opportunity of fully customising them! See our IKEA wardrobe fitting new doors to get inspired and create the projects of your new home design.

We know that the picture is worth a thousand words so we would like to present some of the most popular styles for IKEA PAX wardrobe cabinet below.

Basic: for a simple and happy life

Minimalism is a great trend right now for several reasons. Not only gives it space for properly organising your possessions but also creates a calming and pleasant work environment. Basic style for PAX wardrobes is what you need for your happy and minimalist living space.

Classic & Classic Max: keep it elegant

Classic and Classic Max styles are the essence of what we appreciate in Nordic home decor. Those fronts are perfectly fitted to both old and new PAX wardrobes, but with the whole new possibility to choose a colour and handle style.

Empire: modern and unique

Take your home on the journey to the future! By choosing these custom IKEA PAX doors with the modern opening system, you make sure that you completely revamp your interior design. There’s also a certain uniqueness to it!

Escape: a romantic journey

By choosing these custom IKEA PAX doors, you can fit the taste of a creative and dreamy mind. Those elegant fronts turn any bedroom into a safe and pleasant asylum, where you always want to go back to!

Nordic: timeless simplicity and elegance

These custom IKEA PAX doors don’t need any introduction. The simple wooden texture and traditional handles are everything that makes these fronts so universal and timeless. They are perfect for rooms of both children and adults.

Check out the other styles on our page

There’s a wide variety of styles that you can find on our listings. Check out the rest of our custom IKEA PAX doors that can fit the style of any interior!

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