Replacement IKEA kitchen doors: the best solution for your home

Kitchen furniture is usually designed to withstand high temperatures, humidity, and other external factors. However, even the best pieces become worn out after some time, with faded colours and ruined textures. Instead of buying new expensive furniture, consider replacing IKEA kitchen doors.

Although it may sound a bit mysterious at first, the solution is very simple. Instead of getting rid of a trusted set of furniture that has served us well for a long time, consider using replacement IKEA kitchen doors. Not only do you save money once spent, but you also protect the environment from excessive waste. At Noremax, our priority is to create products that are of the highest quality to serve for many years to come. You don’t have to worry about quick replacement, which again saves you money and is the next step to environmental protection.
But most importantly, our replacement IKEA kitchen doors are fully customizable. You can influence what they look like as per their style, colour, and dimensions.
Customers from all over the world have the opportunity to introduce individual designs to their bedrooms that perfectly match their taste. Moreover, influencing the complete design of the furniture ensures that it is purpose-oriented. You don’t have to make compromises between appearance and functionality: You can have both!

What should you know about replacement IKEA kitchen doors?

The whole process is simple and fun. Even if you are not 100% convinced that you want to use our replacement IKEA kitchen doors, it is as simple as just replacing the doors with old ones or adding them to your new cabinets.
First of all, you should check the condition of your kitchen furniture. Is the structure intact? If you encounter minor faults, it’s worth taking care of them in advance so that the installation of new kitchen fronts is not problematic. If you are hesitant about whether the furniture is good enough for new IKEA kitchen fronts, contact our support. We are always happy to advise you on the right solution for your situation.
If the furniture has an untouched structure, now it’s time for the fun part. Look through our website and choose your favorite style of replacement IKEA kitchen doors. You can find a wide selection of styles for both the Metod and Faktum kitchen doors, which are no longer officially released by IKEA after 2013.
You can choose between classic or modern designs and those that follow the latest trends, such as the Nordic+ or Bamboo+ collections.
Choose the design that suits you best and then it’s time for the most creative stage: Personalization!

How to personalize replacement IKEA kitchen doors

If the previous part was simple, this one is completely effortless. Now you just let your imagination loose and start creating. Now it’s time to experiment with the colours and style of the handles. At the same time, remember to match the project with the real layout of your room. You can use free home design tools to test how the design would look in reality. Once you created a full design, you can also consult the case with our experts. They also provide 2D drawings for an extra fee. They can also advise you on dimensions, installation, and use the practice of the replacement IKEA kitchen doors. This phase is very important, as we all want to achieve the perfect final result!
Now it’s time for the last step. Your dream design is only one click away and after you order it, the job is very simple: waiting for your precious package. During this time, we will do our best to prepare your order as accurately as possible. After the production process is done, we will dispatch the furniture immediately, which should arrive within 6 weeks at your doorstep.
Then all you need to do is to install new replacement IKEA kitchen doors in your kitchen and voila! You can finally see your dream project with your own eyes and introduce it to your friends.

Why choose a Noremax solution?

The most important aspect of our work is that we care about the satisfaction of our customers. As this is our priority, we care about the quality of our services comprehensively, so that no area gets neglected.
The styles of our fronts are designed to be not only compatible with old furniture but also unique to anything you have seen on the market. Even though they were created by professional designers, you become the second creator, influencing the final look of your project.
At Noremax we value individualism and we believe that everyone should be able to create a home decor that suits them in every way without any compromise. We make every effort to offer our customers this opportunity, and every year we try to expand our services further.
In our assortment, you can find bespoke kitchen fronts, including IKEA Faktum doors. This allows you to bring new life into your old furniture, and make it serve a long time. Apart from that, you can find fronts for the newer IKEA kitchen solution Metod and replaceable doors for PAX wardrobes.
All the parts available are fully personalized, which means that you can not only choose their style but also the gloss and colour. As for the latter, you can customize it with a full Jotun, Farrow&Ball or NCS palette so you don’t have to limit your vision. We also have a wide range of handles for both kitchen cabinets and wardrobes, and some of our designs feature a modern and stylish opening system, which is discreetly incorporated in the furniture design.

We invite you to check the content of our website and decide whether our solutions are something that you’re looking for. Thank you for staying with us until the end of this article and we hope that it has encouraged you to make a positive change for your interior design.
Now take a look at our offers and get inspired!

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