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Sleek, stylish and contemporary, this grip has the perfectly functional grip, without taking too much space. What’s not to like about Antique?

The handle has c/c :160 mm. Length 166 mm, depth 30 mm.

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Antique handle

Furniture handles are like the icing on the cake – a small detail with a great impact. They give an interior a brand-new look. These accessories complement the furniture and determine its functionality and practical use. So, if you are furnishing a house or apartment, or simply want to update the aesthetics of a space, changing the handles is a great start.

Modern and contemporary handle

With our Antique handle you add a sleek and elegant touch to your kitchen or living room. It is available in four different finishes from Noremax – antique black, antique copper, brushed brass and stainless-steel look. This way, you are able to match the Antique handle to any furniture and any room. Shaped in a modern and expressive style, it will certainly be a great addition to contemporary furniture and interior designs. The universal shape and ideal dimensions make the handle even more practical and functional. The 166 mm long and 30 mm deep handle allows for a secure and comfortable grip. The Antique handle is, just like all of our other products a product of great quality. So, if you go for our Antique handle, you’ll be provided with a fashionable product that also offers durability and easy usage.

The simple, elegant and at the same time contemporary design makes the handle perfect for modern, but also classic interiors. Match the finish of the handle with the interior and it will give the space a new and fresh atmosphere in a few minutes. Thanks to the Antique handle, you can enhance your furniture further, and make them even more functional.

What makes our Antique handle unique? Why should you use it?

Customer satisfaction is our priority. Because we value our clients over everything, we make sure to provide a selection of products that meet the expectations of our audience. As our handles are universal, we are convinced that we are able to provide products for everyone and every room. For example, the Antique handle, is a perfect fit for kitchen cabinets (both IKEA Faktum and Metod), wardrobes and any kind of storage unit. As it is available at an affordable price, you will be able to order as many pieces as you need to change the appearance of an entire room, apartment or house.

The durability of the handle is due to the quality of the product but also due to how it is cared subsequentially. For this reason, we have prepared a principles of care guide, so that you can keep your furniture and handle clean and hygienic from installation through years of usage. Speaking of installation, just like maintenance of the handle – installation is a child’s play. All you need to know is that the distance between the mounting holes is 160 mm and you can just screw it to position in minutes.

If it is difficult for you to decide which handle will fit your interior, we are happy to assist you. At Noremax we have been helping homeowners to find the perfect kitchen fronts and handles for years. Therefore, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly and qualified team if you require any help. You can contact us not only for advice and help, but also if you have any questions about our products, shipping or any other matter. We are at your service!

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