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Do you think your IKEA wardrobe needs replacing? We will convince you that you do not have to buy a new one. If you just get bored with the look of your existing wardrobe or you can see visible signs of damage on its external parts, all you have to do is replace only the fronts and side panels. We are pleased to prepare for you personalized fronts that will replace the existing IKEA doors and give your wardrobe a new charm. And if you necessarily want to replace the entire wardrobe, remember that in the IKEA store you can only order the IKEA wardrobe frame, without IKEA doors, and order from us designer fronts for a specific wardrobe model that will perfectly match the size. Visualization tools such as IKEA Pax Planner will help you plan your wardrobe. Their installation will be easy, so you can easily handle it yourself. We also offer interesting handles and knobs for your new wardrobe. Thanks to this, you will gain a new wardrobe, which will be absolutely unique.

New fronts for IKEA wardrobe – why it’s worth it?

There are many reasons why you should decide to refresh your IKEA wardrobe using our fronts.

New wardrobe – easy, fast and convenient

Complete replacement of the IKEA wardrobe can cause a lot of effort in your house. First, you have to take out all the clothes, disassemble the IKEA wardrobe and get rid of it. Then – transport of the new IKEA wardrobe, assembly and putting everything back. It is much simpler, faster and more convenient to replace the existing IKEA doors with the fronts offered by us. If the side panels and knobs and handles also need replacing – we can also provide them. All you have to do for refreshing your IKEA wardrobe is choosing new IKEA doors, knobs and handles, picking up the parcel and easily replace your current parts of IKEA wardrobe with the new ones.

New wardrobe – low costs

A thorough change in the form of buying a new wardrobe is a fairy high cost. Why spend money if the interior of your existing IKEA wardrobe is ok and you are used to it? It is definitely wiser to replace only the existing IKEA doors with our fronts and be tempted to replace the knobs and handles. You will get the same refreshed look effect of your IKEA wardrobe, without occuring unnecessary costs. It’s smart solution, isn’t it?

One of a kind

Do you dream about the decor of your home deviating from the traditional? Do you like when your friends or family pay attention to unusual items of equipment of your house? By replacing the IKEA doors in your IKEA wardrobe with our designer fronts, you will feel that you have achieved uniqueness in the arrangement of your home. The multitude of choice of colours, textures of furniture, knobs and handles or the type of gloss will make your IKEA wardrobe one of a kind.

Solid and dimensional

You don’t have to worry that our fronts for your wardrobe will be a weaker counterfeit of the original IKEA doors. We pay a lot of attention to the solidity of the fronts, side panels or handles and knobs
to ensure they have the best durability and the long term use. While original IKEA doors are often not covered with any gloss, we always cover our fronts with the gloss of your choice. All IKEA doors replacements have the same dimensions as IKEA’s original drawings.

Professional advice

We know that not all of us have enough imagination to design IKEA wardrobes. If the tools for IKEA wardrobe visualization will be insufficient, and in the content of our blog you will not find interesting inspirations to create your dream IKEA wardrobe, we are happy to provide advice in this matter. Contact us and we’ll gladly advise you on which knobs and handles to choose or what fronts will replace your existing IKEA doors well.

Individualized IKEA wardrobe

You will probably agree with the statement that IKEA wardrobes are extremely functional, but they do not give much choice of colour and design. Fortunately, thanks to us you get much more opportunities in this area. When creating your dream IKEA wardrobe, it’s good to use tools to configure the IKEA wardrobe interior, such as IKEA Pax Planner, but its external accessories, such as doors or knobs and handles you can order from us. Instead of classic IKEA handles and knobs, you can get more comfortable and sophisticated models. Instead of ordinary IKEA doors – you will order doors’ fronts with colour, texture and type of gloss that you choose. And all this to make your IKEA wardrobe be exactly as you wanted to be. The personalized IKEA wardrobe is not only the answer to your needs and expectations, but also care for matching wardrobe to the style of interior design.

IKEA Pax Planner wardrobe visualization tools

Now, your wardrobe can become a truly dream wardrobe, because you can choose each element yourself. You don’t like the proposed by producer, interior of the new wardrobe? Visualization tools such as IKEA Pax Planner will help you plan the placement of shelves and racks, so you can determine frame which will be the most convenient for you. You can also look at how different doors will look, but only with us you will order fronts in the desired colours, texture and gloss. Your new wardrobe can also be equipped with our designer knobs and handles that will make it truly unique. It’s easy – when IKEA gives you a multitude of possibilities in terms of interior, we give you great possibilities to change the appearance of the IKEA wardrobe.

Replacement doors for IKEA wardrobe with delivery

The ordered fronts that will replace the doors for your wardrobe and the ordered knobs and handles will be conveniently delivered directly to your door. Although their journey from manufacturer in Norway will be quite long, you don’t have to worry about the condition of the delivered products. We make sure that each shipment is properly packed, to protect its content from damage. You will receive elements for your new IKEA wardrobe within a maximum of 6 weeks from the date of order (8 weeks for Classic Max products).

Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us.

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