Bring a new glam to the IKEA doors with Noremax

The idea of renovating or rearranging an interior design and furnishings can cause a real headache. Everyone who has such experience knows that it is an ungrateful, time-consuming, often messy and expensive task. That is why this decision is often postponed until the furniture really become not functional, damaged and fall a part. This makes our closest surroundings simply look bad and we feel uncomfortable in our own place. People who have furnished their home with IKEA products can transform the whole flat or house – starting from the kitchen ending on the bedroom and living room – quickly, easily and on a budget. This can be done by just replacing IKEA doors with new ones, which can be done quickly and efficiently by yourself. Importantly, there is no need to use the IKEA doors offer, which is quite limited in this case. Noremax is the ideal solution to make sure that your furniture bought at IKEA is not only revamped, but also will gain a completely new, beautiful look. Noremax offer applies perfectly for IKEA cabinets, wardrobes, sideboards and storages.

Is revamping kitchen your biggest problem? With Noremax, not any more!

Designing and arranging a kitchen is a very responsible task – as nowhere else in the whole flat or house, this space should be as functional as possible, allowing for full enjoyment when cooking and keeping the place clean. Your place should also be attractive, so that it pleases the eye and allows for cleverly hide cabinets filled with utensils, accessories, dishes and food products. Kitchen furniture is also the most vulnerable to possible damage – from high temperature, water and steam, sauce pans or heavy dishes. In this situation, IKEA kitchen cabinets owners can count on Noremax, which offers four collections of IKEA doors for Metod cabinets – Standard, Bamboo+, Nordic+ and Mesh. Thanks to the possibility of choosing any colour (from entire Natural Colour System (NCS) or Jotun and Farrow&Ball pallet) and three types of finish – matte, satin or semi-gloss, it gives customers unlimited options to rearrange their kitchen. Simply order the kitchen cabinet IKEA doors of your dreams and thanks to quick and easy instalation system give the kitchen a completely new, fresh look in a just few minutes. What is important, Noremax also supports owners of the IKEA Faktum system, so they can refresh their kitchen without the need for replacing all furniture.

IKEA doors – Solutions for other rooms

Noremax doesn’t just create solutions for IKEA kitchens – the company’s range is much wider and allows for revamp of many other IKEA furniture used in rest rooms of the house. This is a guarantee of quick, affordable and efficient interior design update throughout the whole flat/house. What’s more, if you find that your are missing some furniture, you can also freely order more IKEA products. However when choosing fronts, or side panels, use Noremax products to have better and more original choice.

IKEA doors for PAX wardrobes

PAX wardrobes are among the most recognizable IKEA products. The system is famous for its practically endless possibilities of shelves or drawers design so that clothes and accessories can be easily hidden in a place exactly where the customer wants them. With the IKEA PAX planner, you can design your dream wardrobe in a comfortable and intuitive way. The system will select all other products needed to assemble the furniture (such as hinges or basket rails). Unfortunately, the range of IKEA PAX wardrobe fronts is limited and not to everyone taste. As it is well known, this is a key element because it is responsible for the visual perception of the wardrobe itself. That’s why Noremax comes with assistance with a wide range of unique IKEA PAX wardrobe doors, giving customers completely new design possibilities. In this case, when using the IKEA PAX planner, once the entire cabinet has been designed, customer should simply remove the IKEA doors from the list and order them separately from Noremax.

Noremax offers a total of 11 unique wardrobe IKEA doors models: Basic, Circle, Classic, Classic Max, Classic Style, Elegance, Empire, Escape, Moon, Nordic and Ontime. Each of them is available in practically any colour (according to NCS, Farrow&Ball or Jotun colour codes). The customers also have a choice of the gloss used to cover their fronts – it can be matte, satin or semi-gloss finish. What’s more, Noremax not only offers doors – it also allows customers to enclose a cabinet frame with selected side panels and plinth. This makes a PAX wardrobe finished with Noremax support and make it look completely unique. That opens up completely new possibilities for interior design.

Besta sideboards

Besta sideboards are just as popular and practical as PAX wardrobe system. This furniture can be freely used as a storage place in the living room, bedroom or hallway. It also works perfectly well as a TV unit. The wide range of possibilities offered by Besta sideboards are highly praiseworthy – clients have a lot of freedom in combining individual modules to create solutions tailored to their interiors and needs. However, the client may not always have to be satisfied with the available design and finish of the furniture itself. Good example is very limited IKEA doors range dedicated for

Besta system

With Noremax it is possible to use up to six different custom made doors lines: Basic, Classic, Cube, Elegance, Nordic and Ontime. In this case, Besta sideboards users may also benefit from one of the major advantages of Noremax offer – the freedom to choose any colour. The company provides customers with the entire Natural Colour System (NCS) options. Noremax also accepts Jotun and Farrow&Ball colour codes or names. Customers can also choose one of three finishes – matte, satin or semi-gloss. The sum of all these possibilities allows the customers to truly design their interior in a perfect way. The doors offered by Noremax are available in all sizes of the Besta range, that is: 60×38, 60×64, 60×128, 60×192, 30×128 and 30×192 cm. The doors offered by Noremax fit perfectly regardless of whether the Besta sideboard will be standing on the ground, on legs or hanging.
What is more, having in mind Besta sideboards, Noremax offers also sides and tops to ensure that whole cabinet has the same colour and texture, like doors. Customers may also order stone top panles made of Marble Carrara.

IKEA doors – Storage build from Metod cabinets

Noremax has also solutions for many other storage furniture available from IKEA. For METOD storage units and cabinets, nine Noremax doors models are available: Basic, Circle, Classic, Classic Max, Classic Style, Elegance, Instyle, Nordic and Ontime. As with the rest of the Noremax range, they fit perfectly into all IKEA METOD furniture sizes and are available in any colour, also can have a matte, satin or semi-gloss finish.

This shows how Noremax is flexible and perfectly suited to the needs of all IKEA furniture owners and fans. Noremax only extends this range by giving customers the unique opportunity to create exceptional and exclusive IKEA furniture that can be a decoration for every home.

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