METOD IKEA – let your furniture align with personality and style

It is not a secret that sometimes our interiors need a little refreshment. We spend our entire lives in spaces that should represent who we are and make us feel at home. And that is why we often seek to have our surroundings get more in tune with ourselves. There’s a way to change things up without having to completely replace all of your furniture. Personalize the pieces which you already own with Noremax, a leader in finding effective, sustainable solutions for furniture renovation of Metod IKEA and IKEA Faktum series.

As a Norwegian manufacturer, we truly believe in providing thoroughly designed, intuitive systems, produced with care and up to the highest standard. All parts are made to fit into the hulls of IKEA furniture. The replacement process is designed to be as simple and quick as possible. In a truly short time, with little effort, you are able to achieve astonishing, jaw-dropping results. All with the power of a simple change.

IKEA – reliable ally in the strive for better living

IKEA furniture has been around since the 1940s. For decades the company has been finding new solutions for our homes, consistently providing ways to simply make our lives easier, more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing – all at the same time, at a reasonable price! With time, IKEA furniture has become a symbol of practicality, good Swedish design and sustainability.

The brand cultivates its values and pursues its goal to make sure that everyone who deserves a better everyday life – which is everyone! – gets what they need. When we think of well-designed, practical pieces, we think of IKEA. Many of us have been impressed by the work of innovative IKEA designers who are constantly showing us how to take full advantage of every square foot of space we have at our disposal.

Here, at Noremax, we are dedicated to proving that decorating doesn’t have to be an overwhelming and complicated task – quite the opposite, actually! It should always be an adventure you’re looking forward to. And if you’d like to see for yourself, take a look at the IKEA kitchen inspiration.
Noremax takes something that is already great (IKEA furniture) and allows you to give it your own creative twist with the help of a wide range of designs for all exterior fronts like doors, drawers, side panels, top panels, plinth and décor strips!

Noremax – make decorating fun again

Noremax is an ideal way to add extra personality to your furniture. If your goal is to transform your space in a sustainable and elegant fashion, you can choose from our wide range of our replaceable parts, compatible with IKEA solutions: from FAKTUM and METOD kitchen systems, through PAX wardrobes to BESTA storage. By implementing simple changes, you can completely transform a plain cabinet or a trusty wardrobe that is already in your home. Efficiency is key. We believe that there is no reason to overcomplicate our lives. Let’s just ask ourselves: what makes a piece of furniture stand out? What gives it definition? Without a doubt, its exterior! Consequently, upgrading the look of your piece really comes down to a simple swap – such as replacing the fronts, drawers, side panels or tops. Details like new handles or legs can also make a significant improvement in looks!

The broad variety of styles, colours and textures is meant to give you a complete artistic freedom in improving your space. You can choose from many unique designs, like the classic and natural Bamboo+ or elegant Nordic+ collection. There truly are no limits. From aesthetic and colour to the type of finish – you are in charge of choosing the look of your newly styled furniture.

Metod IKEA – a new kitchen is born.

The kitchen is an essential room in every home. It’s a place where everyone should feel safe and welcome. It’s where we come to cook, relax, socialise and more. And when that space is well-designed, we feel comfortable, too. Furniting is a long-time investment and that’s the way it should be. But it doesn’t mean that we can’t allow ourself a little refreshment every now and then. Especially when it comes to surfaces that are put to service daily. What a fresh layer of paint does to a wall, a new set of tops and kitchen fronts do to cabinets!

With Noremax solutions, you can completely change the exterior of your METOD furniture. We always go out of our way to ensure that the range we provide is composed of elegant, timeless and affordable options for your space. The choice of colour and design of the finish is up to you.
An important part of our mission is the strive for creating sustainable alternatives for renovating interiors. For that very reason, as long as your Metod Kitchen cabinets are intact and structurally sound, instead of rearranging the entire kitchen, opt for ordering IKEA replacement kitchen doors from Noremax. There are ways to bring a new life into used furniture, without creating unnecessary wastage and we proudly present them to you.
Once you’ve chosen your Metod IKEA Kitchen fronts and selected your preferred payment option, delivery should be completed within 6 weeks of your initial order. Each of our Metod kitchen cabinets and their fronts are shipped directly from Norway.

Store with Metod IKEA and Noremax, in style

If you already have Metod IKEA storage units at home and you wish to make them more personalized and adequate to your taste, you can choose the replacement fronts and panels from one of our custom collections. Upgrading your cabinet or wardrobe can be an optimal solution, whether you’re redecorating your space or simply need a breath of fresh air in the space.

If you prefer clean and simple lines, the Basic line is for you. If you opt for adding a traditional refined appearance to your pieces, reach for the Classic Max designs. Chic, smooth appeal can be achieved by adding the fronts from Nordic line. For a contemporary feel, go with the Instyle pieces.

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