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TIRE is a stylish and rugged industrial style knob. You’ll find the same rifle pattern in MATRIX, HELIOS, and BATMAN. The handle is made in black matte.

Length 28 mm, width 32 mm, depth 32 mm.

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Modern Kitchen Handles

Similar to the Qvist handle, the Tire handle is an industrial style door handle available in black matte. With a rifle pattern that is the same as the Batman, Matrix and Helios modern kitchen handles, you can incorporate the different handle designs together in interior design for a sleek and seamless finish.

The dimensions of the modern kitchen handles are 28mm long, 32mm deep and 32mm wide, so it is easy to grab to open and close doors, cabinets or drawers. The bold colour and design of the Tire handle makes it suitable for a variety of interior designs, in particular modern kitchen spaces. The textured edge of the top disc also provides additional grip, so you can get into your drawers and cupboards even if you have shopping or cooking equipment in one hand.

The sturdy and durable modern kitchen handles mean that it can be used time and time again, so you don’t have to pay for new handles to replace them. What’s more, at very affordable prices, you can have Tire handles in your kitchen space to have your dream living interior, without breaking the bank. The exceptional quality of our modern door handles makes them stand above the rest, as every customer can guarantee that they are buying valuable products from us at Noremax.

Matte Black Door Handles

This design is very effective and versatile, so works well with both IKEA faktum kitchen and IKEA Metod styles. So, these matte black door handles can be used to refresh your current space or be used in a whole revamp for the perfect finish.

These matte black door handles are easy to clean and we have a principles of care guide, enabling you to ensure that your kitchen stays immaculate and your handles are maintained. Simply use water with a mild soap to clean the entire handle and then leave it to dry for the best results.

These matte black door handles will fit perfectly into any décor and can be used in any room of the property, including the bathroom, living room, bedroom and kitchen. This means that you can maintain the colour theme of your interior throughout your house, apartment, office or studio. These modern door handles are eye-catching and has an appealing aesthetic, making it a popular choice for many home owners.

Why Choose Noremax?

Our knowledge and experience in the industry means that we can help you to find the fronts and door handles that work best for you and suit different interiors. Whether you are transforming an old space into something new or just making some small changes to alter the room a little, we are here to help bring your vision to life. At Noremax, we are able to help you make your house a home, as you design it in exactly the way you want to with our beautiful range of modern door handles. Our extensive collection of handles means that you can find the colour, size, style and finish that ticks all your boxes at Noremax. Speak to a member of our experience and helpful team if you would like to find out more about our Tire handles or any other products in stock.

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