CHILL handle is a timeless and modern design in brushed aluminum that fits into all rooms in the home. Unlike the HUG design, CHILL offers a clean and straight grip that is very comfortable to hold. The design comes in brass, chrome and black.

CHILL fits nicely in both kitchens and other furniture, such as wardrobes and sideboards. The handle is screwed on from the back for an extra elegant finish. The minimal design of the CHILL handle lifts the room, regardless of the style in which it is decorated.

The handle has c/c: 160 mm. Length 170 mm, width 30.5 mm, depth 26 mm.

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Chill handle

As furniture handles seem like an essential, we often do not pay much attention to them. However, they do host an important role that can completely change the appearance of any cabinet or furniture. Our wide collection will surely provide customers with an exclusive selection of modern handles that holds several functions – style and practicality to mention some.

Here’s Chill handle

The Chill handle doesn’t resemble the traditional handles, it is much more modern. Although it will work in any interior, it will fit best in contemporary arrangements. You can choose from three different colours. Whether it will be a brushed matte black, brushed brass or stainless steel, your room will exude elegance. Furthermore, the handles are installed with screws from the back for an exceptionally neat finish.

The size of the handle is very important as it must suit the size of the furniture. The dimension of the Chill handle is 170 mm long, 30,5 mm wide and 26 mm deep. The size ensures a convenient use for both drawers and cabinets. Although similar to the Hug handle, Chill offers a clean and rectilinear grip that is very comfortable and convenient to use.
Perfect for both modern and traditional furniture, Chill is a delicate decorative accent that also poses as an important functional element to any interior. It is characterized by timeless and contemporary design and it can, therefore, enhance any room and any style. The handle is perfect as a handle for kitchen fronts, wardrobes and sideboards. If you want to transform your kitchen or bedroom at a budget, replacing the handles is a great start.

Since the chill handle is a modern and sleek design, it is of great importance the handle is kept clean and therefore it must be made of materials that are easy to maintain. Furthermore, the installation of the sleek handle is also a no-brainer. The easy to install handle will allow you to change the appearance of your furniture quickly and at affordable prices. Noremax has made sure that a wide range of high-quality products are available so that everyone can afford to renew the look of a furniture or room whenever they feel like it.

Choose what’s best

The Chill handle is a product of high quality. It is resistant to damage and will last for years. We are aware that furniture handles are used several times a day and that is why we have created products that are very strong and durable. What’s even better, they are all also very easy to clean and install.

To sum up, if you are looking for handles that are both of decorative and practical use, our collection of exclusive handles is a great solution that won’t disappoint. The affordable prices are another benefit that you surely should take advantage of. So, if you have a lot of furniture, for example in the kitchen, you should order handles from us and completely change the appearance of the space.

If you would like to find out more about chill handle or any of our other products, please feel free to get in touch with us. We are ready to answer all of your questions and to give you advice of how to renew your home. What’s more, on our blog you will find a large number of articles in which we suggest how you can renew and change your home with our products. Let us help to inspire your renovation project today!

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