Flat Tire


Flat Tire is a miniature of of the knob, Tire. The grooved or knurled surface contributes to the knob being perceived as exclusive, modern and sleek.
Flat Tire comes in matte black, brass, antique bronze or stainless steel look.

Diameter 32 mm, depth 24 mm.

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Flat Tire handle

Furniture handles are an unremarkable and quite often underestimated accessories that can change the appearance of a room. But do not forget, although aesthetics are one thing, functionality and practicality are equally as important. That is why Noremax is dedicated to provide products that treasures usability and is in line with the latest trends.

Meet the exclusive and sleek Flat Tire Handle

Characterized by a beautiful design, the user-friendly Flat Tire handle appeals to a large variety of users. Similar to the industrial Tire handle, it is a miniature knob with a knurled surface. From antique bronze to brass, matte black and stainless steel – the selection of colours and materials ensure that we have something for every user and every room. Such a wide range of colors enables several design possibilities. It matches perfectly with both the IKEA Faktum kitchen and our designs for IKEA Metod.
The Flat Tire handle has the perfect size for practical use. It is 24 mm deep and 32 mm in diameter. The shape and size of the handle makes it very easy to handle and it will make your kitchen or bedroom look both stylish and elegant. Therefore, if you want to enhance the interior, you should invest in the Flat Tire handle. Installation is quick and easy and the handle works for everything from kitchen cupboards to drawers and different furniture. The affordable price also makes this a great purchase and a great start at transforming a space.

Why Flat Tire handle?

Noremax produces products that exceed the highest expectations of our clients. We design with both functionality and appearance in mind and strives to create products that are a perfect combination of the two.

The handle is the one part of a furniture that is most likely to have to endure the most pressure, because it is used frequently and touched by many. We have therefore chosen to provide high quality products in materials that will make them inaccessible to wear and tear. The material is also easy to clean to ensure a hygienic use throughout the lifecycle of the handle. Should you require more instruction on how to extend the already long-lived life of the handle, make sure to check out our principles of care guide on our website!

Which handle to choose?

Although to choose the right handle seem like a simple task, it is not. Because it is a much more important part of the interior. Classic and rustic interiors are different than modern or Scandinavian styles and choosing the wrong handle can make or break an entire design. Although our handles are universal and fit virtually any interior, there are a few tips and tricks you should be aware of. Spatial designs in an English or rustic style goes well together with handles with decorative shapes and a posh finish. They will emphasize the ambience of the space and add to the overall feel of the interior. On the contrary, minimalistic shapes and colours are very popular choices and work great in combination with white furniture in a for example, Scandinavian styled kitchen.

Noremax strive to provide comprehensive information on topics related to our selection of designs and products. So, if you have any questions about Flat Tire handle or any of our other products, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

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