A beautiful handle in plated polished brass. Excellent for kitchens and those who seeking for stunning detail. The handles are also available in silver color (nickel plated) and black matte.

Dimensions: 128mm in length,126mm width and 32mm height.

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Delux Brass Kitchen Handles

Add an elegant appearance to your kitchen with our Delux brass kitchen handles. These aesthetically appealing brass kitchen handles are not only attractive, but they are sturdy and durable too. By having longevity, you can continue to use these Delux brad kitchen handles for years and not have to replace them, making them the perfect long-term investment. What’s more, when you’re opening and closing kitchen doors, you don’t want a flimsy handle that is going to snap, so Delux handles will guarantee that you can use your kitchen fronts without having to worry about not being able to access the food and kitchen utensils in the cupboards. Due to the shine on our Polished Brass and Nickel Plated Delux handles, they fit seamlessly into kitchen spaces and with any interior design you have. At Noremax, we also offer the same handle in a Black Matte finish if you have a modern kitchen space you want to add a subtle handle to.

Why Choose Delux Brass Kitchen Handles For Your Kitchen?

By installing Delux brass kitchen handles into your kitchen space, you are creating a sleek and stylish appearance, but also a warm aesthetic from the colour of the handles. These smart Delux brass kitchen handles are eye-catching and stand out well when installed onto a kitchen front with a bold, powerful colour. Not only are they easy to install, but they are affordable too. Cleaning these Delux brass kitchen handles are easy to clean too; polish them for a complete shiny finish.

These Delux brass kitchen handles make opening and closing doors easy, due to the sturdy build of the handle. What’s more, these Delux handles have been sculptured from high quality brass, so you can have the best of the best installed into your kitchen space. The copper content in the brass kitchen handles provide anti-bacterial properties. This makes them perfect for kitchen cabinets and doors and will help to maintain the hygiene in the kitchen, which is imperative due to this being where you prepare and eat food.

These versatile Delux handles can be used throughout the house too but look particularly good in the kitchen! Our Delux brass kitchen handles have a standard size, 128mm in length, 32mm in height and 126mm in width, so everyone can use them with ease.

Pick Noremax For Your Delux Brass Kitchen Handles

With years of experience delivering an exceptional customer service and providing handles and fronts for different types of kitchens, both big, small, modern and classic, we are more than suited to helping you find Delux bras kitchen handles for your kitchen space. Whether you need advice on the finish for your new handles or choosing Metod or Faktum fronts to transform your kitchen, our team at Noremax can help. To find out more information, get in touch with our friendly and helpful team, today.

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