28mm deep and 17.5mm in diameter.

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Gold Kitchen Handles

Our gold kitchen handles available in polished brass gives soul to any room, including your kitchen interior. The elegant and modern knob in a simply cylindrical shape that fits seamlessly into any kitchen design and space, due to the perfect size of the gold handles; 28mm deep and 17.5mm in diameter. The textured detail on the gold kitchen handle not only helps to add dimension, but also makes the handle easier to grab and pull, making opening and closing drawers and kitchen fronts easy and straightforward. Whether you’re refreshing your traditional setting or creating a whole new modern look for your kitchen, the gold kitchen handles are the perfect addition and work well in both cases, alongside metod kitchen fronts from our range.

Gold Drawer Handles

These durable and versatile gold kitchen handles can be installed into any room in the house to add depth. Whether you want to use them in the kitchen or as gold drawer handles in the living room, the design works seamlessly anywhere. Choosing between a knob and pull handle can be a difficult choice, with the final decision being based more on the design rather than the use. Both knob and pull gold drawer handles are equally functional, but they add different design elements to the space you have. In some spaces, you can even mix and match handle types, so you have both installed into your space.

Our gold drawer handles provide cabinets with a classic elegance and can give the space both a modern and old-world charm. In fact, choosing to install our gold drawer handles can be a dramatic choice for your interior. Plus, this design works flawlessly with a variety of different materials and styles, whether you choose to have Bamboo or Faktum kitchen and cabinet fronts. These gold drawer and kitchen handles are very easy to install, so you don’t have to pay a professional to fit them, and they will never go out of style. Our gold drawer handles are sure to give a timeless effect; whether you choose to install them now or in a years’ time.

Choose Gold Kitchen Handles For Your Interior

At Noremax, we keep our prices competitive to allow all homeowners to enjoy our gold kitchen handles in their living and kitchen space. We even have created a principles of care guide, so you can continue to maintain the appearance and durability of your gold kitchen handles and keep your kitchen space spotless. These knobs are easy to clean and polish, so you can easily sustain a clean and fresh look in any space you choose to install them.

If you would like more information about our gold kitchen handles, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team. We are happy to provide you with all the details about our handles and advise you on the best handle for your space.

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