Design your own wardrobe – transform your furniture without buying new ones

Sooner or later this time is coming. We’ve used it for years, but it’s time to say goodbye. Wardrobe – when you want to change the interior, you buy a new one. Now you don’t have to. Just design your own wardrobe with Noremax – easily, cheaply, comfortably, and just better!

In this category, you will get to know how to completely re-fresh the IKEA wardrobes. The solution matches IKEA Metod, Faktum, and PAX furniture systems. Choose bespoke wardrobe fronts that match your wardrobe. Also, pick preferred finishing elements – elegant knobs and handles.

How to make your wardrobe looking better? Design your own wardrobe

From now on, you don’t have to replace your wardrobe with a new one if you want to refresh your home. Even when you are looking for a way to completely change the style of the room, you can opt for another option.

Noremax is a Norwegian company that specializes in supplying amazing IKEA furniture fronts. Equip your wardrobe with new external fronts and make the furniture look unique and completely different!

How can you change the wardrobe design? To do this, first, check Noremax fronts offer for IKEA furniture. You can choose from dozens of proposals. All you have to do is to order your preferred fronts and then install them yourself. It’s very simple, installation does not require specialized knowledge, nor tools, so you do not have to worry about the process!

The most important advantages of Noremax fronts for IKEA furniture

The Noremax company deals with the production of modern fronts for IKEA furniture – kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, sideboards, and storages. This means that if you already have IKEA furniture (Metod, Faktum or PAX system), all you have to do is to replace its external parts (fronts).

Noremax offers a solution consistent with care for ecology and the idea of sustainable production and consumption. Let’s take care of it together, simply starting with what we have at home. You do not need to buy new furniture. Just replace the fronts with new ones!

In this category, we invite you to familiarize yourself with available wardrobes fronts. Design your own wardrobe is the option that allows you to customize your wardrobe’s future appearance in the way you like. You can choose from various ready-made furniture styles. Besides, there is a possibility of painting in any colour – choose from semi-gloos, satin, or fully matte furniture varnish. All wardrobe doors are in the same dimensions as the original IKEA wardrobes, which is why you are guaranteed that Noremax products will perfectly match the furniture you have. The sizes of IKEA cabinets and other furniture can be conveniently checked via the IKEA PAX planner.

What is to gain by buying Noremax fronts for IKEA wardrobes?

Choosing Noremax bespoke wardrobe doors is the best method to transform your old wardrobe in a completely innovative way. If you decide to design your own wardrobe with Noremax – in the style you prefer – you will reduce your household expenses compared with buying a new piece of furniture. By replacing furniture fronts, you save money as well as your time. Even though the shell of the furniture remains the same, and only the doors are replaced, you get the irrepressible effect the same as if you would have had replaced the entire wardrobe!
What’s more, naturally there will be no need to take out old furniture, nor to worry about organizing transport. The decision to replace wardrobe furniture fronts will be ecologically beneficial. Remember that replacing furniture fronts is so quick and easy that you can do it yourself!

Bespoke wardrobe doors

Browse now from ready-made designs and choose bespoke wardrobe doors. With Noremax you will refresh the look of your wardrobe and make it look beyond recognition. Probably everyone will think that it is a completely new piece of furniture!

Our bespoke wardrobe doors are created based on the dimensions provided by the client. It should be remembered that the fronts put on the wardrobe are dedicated to IKEA PAX furniture. In addition to the varied colour and design, different furniture textures are also possible (see more in the Nordic + and Bamboo + sections).
What is more, you can equip your wardrobe with attractive-looking wardrobe knobs and handles. These elements not only affect the functionality but decorate the whole furniture giving them the style you like!

Design your own wardrobe with glamour accessories – IKEA knobs and handles

The wardrobe should be functional and look good. Not only with bespoke wardrobe doors but also with IKEA handles and knobs you will be able to make your wardrobe great again!
In the Noremax offer, you will find elegant knobs and handles that are compatible with new wardrobe fronts. Choose from various collections such as Batman handles, Bridge handles, Gate and Loop handles. Design the wardrobe of your dreams now. Use available knobs and handles that will be the perfect styling accents. Regardless of whether you prefer matt or gloss door IKEA handle – all our products will give a deep charm to any wardrobe.

Design your furniture now with custom made doors. Check the size of the shell of your wardrobe and think about what style you want to have. Choose exclusive knobs and handles and change your wardrobe once and for all without having to replace it.

Design your own wardrobe is an option that is worth to be chosen. If you have any questions, please contact us! We truly love IKEA furniture – it will be a pleasure to talk about them more!

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