IKEA FAKTUM replacement doors

A smart way to refresh your furniture

Are you the owner of the kitchen FAKTUM? If so, it’s probably because you liked this furniture system. If you still like it, but your furniture looks a little worn out, you do not have to replace it with a new METOD system. All you have to do is order IKEA FAKTUM replacement doors from us, make an easy swap and you can enjoy your beloved furniture for next several years. Is this something you are looking for?

The second life of your FAKTUM kitchen

FAKTUM is a popular IKEA kitchen system. Although in 2013 the manufacturer stopped producing those solutions, they can still be found in many kitchens around the world. However, this means that the furniture has been in use for 7 years or more. It’s quite a lot for kitchen furniture, especially considering the fact that they are more likely to be damaged than furniture in the living room or bedroom. If you are finding that your furniture are already quite worn out, but you do not want to completely get rid of them or simply do not have time for full redesign, you’ve come to the right place. We are able to offer you IKEA FAKTUM replacement doors, thanks to which you can change the furniture in your home in a few minutes. You don’t have to say goodbye to your FAKTUM kitchen – you can give it a second life by using our products.

Wide range of replacements for IKEA FAKTUM doors

With our offer you don’t have to compromise for something that isn’t perfect. By choosing IKEA FAKTUM replacement doors from our collection, you create your own definition of perfect kitchen. We guarantee that there is really wide range of IKEA FAKTUM replacement doors. A variety of furniture textures, different designs and – above all – a multitude of colours, creates countless combinations (you can check IKEA kitchen door sizes here). For example, we have prepared Basic range for minimalism lovers. The simple design of this series is not boring at all. It’s the perfect base for colour madness and expressive kitchen handles. However, if you are looking for something more sophisticated, you may be interested in the Circle line, in which the sleek design is interrupted by a circular, subtle handle. And if you prefer kitchen cabinets without handles, our Ontime and Elegance range were created for people like you. Discreet handles in the form of a recess will allow you to use the furniture the way you like the most. We also have something special for fans of sleek surfaces and cool colours inspired by the natural landscape – our Nordic range, which allow to create a bright, clean and stylish kitchen.

Not only IKEA kitchen fronts

If you are a fan of traditional furniture handles. How about ordering IKEA FAKTUM replacement doors together with kitchen handles and knobs? You will probably admit that such a set would be the perfect revamp for your kitchen furniture Once ordered, we will send you one package containing IKEA FAKTUM replacement doors and kitchen knobs and handles. If you order and pay today, in 6 weeks time you will be able to enjoy the new version of your favorite FAKTUM furniture. Remember that you can always take advantage of our free advice – we’ll be happy to tell you which handles to choose for new fronts to create a good composition. Don’t forget that you can also order side panels if your current ones don’t look attractive.

Look at IKEA kitchen inspiration

You don’t have an idea for a new image for your furniture in the kitchen? Look at IKEA kitchen inspiration posted on our blog. There, you will find photos of ready-made arrangements as well as valuable advice related to the decor of variously constructed rooms. If you want to optically enlarge your kitchen or give it a unique character that will stimulate the desire to spend long time in this space, you can do that by choosing the right pattern, texture and colour of IKEA FAKTUM replacement doors. The effect will be even better if you further enrich them with exclusive handles from our collection. However, we don’t leave you alone with any choice. Write to us or call for free advice from our experts. You don’t have to wonder for hours which knob suits which fronts – you can rely on the adept eye of specialists and implement only proven visual connections.

Advantages of IKEA FAKTUM replacement doors

Let’s summarize what you can gain by deciding to buy replacements for IKEA FAKTUM doors offered by us:

  • You can keep your existing carcasses for FAKTUM system. It’s a good news for all who feel a fondness for their kitchen cabinets set up. All you need to do is renew them by replacing the fronts and – possibly – the side panels, which we can also provide.
  • The lack of a thorough change of furniture saves both – money and time. You don’t need to look for custom-made furniture that will be able to replace the current ones, organize the transport of new furniture, empty kitchen cabinets and labor with dismantling. You can make a really minimal effort to give your FAKTUM kitchen a completely new image.
  • You decide how your IKEA FAKTUM replacement doors should look like. Thanks to this you have the opportunity to design unique kitchen furniture. Let your individual style also reflect in your kitchen. You can make your dream kitchen vision come true with our replacements for IKEA FAKTUM doors. Why not to take an advantage of this opportunity?
  • The choice of our replacements for IKEA FAKTUM doors absolutely does not compromise the inferior quality or shortened life of furniture components, compared to the original manufacturer products. Our fronts will definitely serve you for many years, and in addition you will have 4 year warranty to give you peace of mind.

Make a small change that will show a big effect. If you need advice or information, feel free to contact us.

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