Ikea kitchen door fronts

IKEA Metod kitchen system is based on modules that you can freely select and combine, until you create the kitchen that will perfectly match the interior, just like a tailor-made garment. The freedom in arranging drawers and doors means that the external appearance of the IKEA does not depend on the way the interior is organized – you can have a lot of visible IKEA kitchen doors and drawers or hide them behind one or more fronts. You don’t have to compromise and choose between design and functionality. The IKEA is well known for many arrangement options and smart solutions for the assembly and internal organization of cabinets and drawers, which allows maintaining impeccable order of stored products. IKEA solutions are loved and willingly chosen because of its flexibility, convenience, stylish and simple design.

But after all, what your kitchen will look like is mainly determined by the fronts of the cabinets. The IKEA range is quite limited in terms of the available kitchen front doors design and colours. With Noremax you can replace IKEA kitchen fronts with beautifully designed doors of your dreams. Noremax offer includes high quality, modern and timeless design, tailored kitchen fronts, that are fully compatible with IKEA cabinets. Therefore, the best solution is to combine the greatest advantages of IKEA with the virtually endless aesthetic possibilities of the fronts that Noremax offers.

One of a kind Ikea kitchen door fronts – give your kitchen a new look

Noremax offer is also dedicated to the customers who want to revamp their old kitchen with a new, stylish IKEA kitchen door fronts. The Norwegian company offers high-quality design for IKEA kitchen front doors which are both luxurious and fully customisable. Because of Noremax, you can freely design the perfect space that works coherently with the rest of your home. At the same time, redesigning your kitchen interior is affordable and non-time-consuming – you just replace IKEA kitchen doors without cabinets.

What’s more, Noremax offers brand-new kitchen door fronts with the same parameters as kitchen doors for Ikea Metod and Faktum. The possibilities of painting in any colour, the texture of the furniture, the type of gloss, knobs and handles are the same as for customers with kitchen doors for IKEA Metod.

Customers can choose from the wide range of cabinet doors, which are fully compatible with IKEA fronts but made of various materials to make your kitchen exactly how you want it. One of the many advantages of the Noremax offer is the variety of high-quality materials from which IKEA door fronts are made. These materials include MDF (Standard collection), birch plywood with ash or oak veneer on the outer layer (Nordic + collection), MDF veneered with oak and linoleum (Linoleum collection), and even bamboo (Bamboo + collection). Additionally, the Mesh collection has an MDF frame with a perforated metal centre.

One of the examples that Noremax is looking for natural and ecological design solutions is the Nordic+ collection. It deeply reflects the soul of the Scandinavian sense of taste. This style refers to nature and uses natural materials. As a result, it fits into the surroundings of fields and forests and at the same time meets the tastes of nature-longing townspeople. Nordic+ is made of birch plywood with oak or ash veneer on the outermost layer for the perfect natural look. Such design gives a beautiful effect and certainly appeal to all lovers of nature and rustic style. The Scandinavian style is also timeless and harmoniously combines modernity and tradition.

Wide range of colours and finishes for IKEA kitchen doors

Noremax also offers a wide range of material selections and surface treatments for IKEA kitchen door fronts. During the design process, you can customise the colour of your dream IKEA kitchen front doors. In this respect, Noremax options have no limits. Thanks to the possibility of choosing any colour – from entire Natural Colour System (NCS) or Jotun and Farrow & Ball pallet your smooth gain unlimited options to rearrange your kitchen.
Besides, the customer can choose three types of finish – matte (10% sheen), satin (20% sheen) or semi-gloss (40% sheen). This is extremely important because it has an impact on how a given colour looks in the final. The exception is the new Linoleum collection, which offers 20 colours and only matte finish.

Details with great arrangement potential

When redecorating or renovating your kitchen front doors, every detail matters. This also applies to cabinet handles. They are useful in refreshing the decor – sometimes just replacing the handles on the furniture is enough to give the interior a new character. This detail can highlight the charm of the cabinets or add style to your arrangement. Also, they affect the functionality and comfort of using kitchen furniture. Well-fitted knobs or handles can create exceptional design and emphasize the individual style of your cabinets.

Therefore, Noremax has its own wide range of designer handles and knobs (Batman, Bridge, Gate, Loop handles) perfectly fitting to IKEA kitchen door, as well as these ordered in Noremax. Noremax mosaic of knobs and handles includes more than twenty models in different variants, made of different materials (wood, metal, leather).

By using Noremax handles, you can invite the beauty of the past into your modern kitchen interior. Customers can choose freely among two range of handles made of naturally tanned leather – Loop and Maraton, with a real vintage feel. From black or brown leather, these handles sit discreetly into any interior design. Loop handles work as a fantastic complement to the slightly slimmer Maraton handles (feature two grips for ease). The fastening knobs for both models are available in polished brass, polished copper, polished chrome or black matte.

Modern and timeless kitchen decor by Noremax

The Noremax offer gives the sky is the limit possibilities to all customers who want to express their individuality through the arrangement of the kitchen. Thanks to the Noremax, they can freely combine classic and modern styles into a coherent whole. These two different approaches to design, skilfully applied in Noremax projects, complement each other perfectly. Modern accessories against the background of classic, timeless IKEA fronts are a stylish and graceful composition, and what’s more – never going out of fashion. Noremax provides an extensive choice of options so you can create personalized, custom-made kitchen you’ve always dreamed of that are compatible with your IKEA kitchen cabinets doors.

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